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Justine Yotti Miss Chino Hills Latina

October 12, 2010

Justine Yotti Miss Chino Hills Latina

Miss Chino Hills Latina

This is a testimonial from the awesome Miss Chino Hills Latina Justine Yotti. She is as a beautiful person on the inside than she is on the outside.

We are all so proud of her. On behalf of Fitness Concepts and The Camp we want to congratulate and recognize her accomplishments and hard work. GO JUSTINE!!!

Hello my name is Justine Monique Yotti and I have been going to “The Camp” Boot camp for about a month now.

I have always loved to exercise and keep healthy, but this boot camp gave me amazing results.

Not only did I learn how to exercise but I learned how to live a better healthy life.

I lost 6 pounds with a month of boot camp and got amazing results.

I am completely confident in how I look now.

Mr. Bakhtiar has emails sent daily that has helped with nutritional knowledge that will stick with me forever.

I was just in the Miss California Latina Pageant and made the top 7 out of 30 girls.

My bikini score was very high thanks to The Camp Boot camp.

Thank you!


Justine Monique Yotti (Miss Chino Hills Latina)

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