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How To Lose 30lb in 12 Weeks

February 24, 2011

How To Lose 30lb in 12 Weeks

Chino Hills Boot Camp is responsible for many, many success stories.

I failed miserably again. First I promised Sylvia 40lb in 12 weeks and she only lost 37lb. I then promised Cammi that she is going to lose 37lb in 12 weeks and I let her down. She only lost 32lb.  I missed it by 3 pounds with Sylvia and by 5lb with Cammi. I feel like I am letting everyone down.

My confidence is at all time low because my clients are not losing the weight like I promised.

So on behalf of myself,  Fitness Concepts and  Chino Hills Boot Camp I am sorry for not delivering results as promised.

However Cammi reports that her clothes are falling off of her, she has more energy than ever, and she hasn’t been this weight in a very, very long time.

I am so happy that Cammi has discovered the healthy lifestyle. Now all I have to do is get better at what I do and make sure ALL my clients hit their target goal.

In case you want to see Cammi’s week by week results  Click Here <=========

Please don’t sign up with us unless you think losing 32-37lb in 12 weeks is good enough.

If for some reason you’re satisfied losing 32-37lb in 12 weeks then call us 909-962-7745

At Chino Hills boot camp results like this is the norm not the exception. Our clients feel more energetic, lose weight, add muscle tone. Chino Hills Boot Camp is the best choice when it comes to personal fitness in Chino Hills. We want to THANK everyone that has made Chino Hills Boot Camp such a success.

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