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How to Lose 10lb of Fat

April 21, 2011

How to Lose 10lb of Fat

How to Lose 10lb of Fat

You have tipped the weight scales by 10lbs and need to shed them fast, as your doctor has ordered. No easy task this but not impossible to achieve either. Weight loss, if properly planned and executed, is bound to be achieved. You should never try to do it overnight as it may have some very negative effects. Rather, it should be a gradual process which will yield some very long lasting effects.

First comes the severe diet control coupled with a proper workout regimen with the right exercises. You can start your day by detoxifying your system with a glass of the juice of one whole lemon, hot water and honey which will make your bowels move well and eject out the unwanted feces and metabolic wastes from your body. This drink can be drunk whenever you are feeling hungry and also between meals and is known to help cut the flab.

If you are on a rigorous workout program, your diet should be such so that you are able to convert your fat into muscle. Green vegetables, lean white meats, fish, apples and citrus fruits should be eaten in equal proportions, specially those rich in anti-oxidants.

Use a smaller plate to eat as this helps you to eat in smaller portions. Initially difficult but by no means impossible and certainly helps you achieve the weight loss objective.

Split your meals from one to two and concentrate on fiber-rich foods. A 35 gm fiber intake per day not only ensures weight loss but also cleans out the digestive system without fail. Remember, breakfast is a must and dinner should be eaten by 7PM latest to aid digestion. Breakfast boosts body metabolism and burns calories at a faster rate. Regular drinking of water too at periodic intervals helps reduce appetite and flushes out body toxins. The water intake should be at least 2 liters per day, especially when you are on to exercises and are perspiring more.

For losing 10 lbs, eating white sugar sweets are an absolute no-no. If at all you can’t help eating sweets, try eating them in the morning when the body’s metabolic rate is higher. But try and avoid sugar in your tea and coffee. Try maple syrup as a sugar supplement if you have to. Eating a whole fruit instead of its juice is more advisable as is green tea without sugar at regular intervals.

It is also important that you keep yourself busy with abundant work that involves physical activity so that food becomes the last thing on your mind. The more you are mentally preoccupied with other things, the less will be the urge to eat. The initial days of the dieting program will be difficult no doubt. But as you start getting used to it and start shedding those unwanted pounds, you will certainly feel the difference. No doubt, it’s going to be a pleasant experience!

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