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How to get more muscle tone

February 15, 2011

How To Get More Muscle Tone

How To Get More Muscle Tone


1. Set a goal as of today & work out exactly how you are going to get there.


For example, if you see yourself as 20
pounds heavier in six months, break down exactly how you
are going to get there. You see, you need to set goals and
keep to them. Your mind will then be constantly aware of
these goals and work towards them. If you don’t know
where you want to go, then you will never get there! You
need to be specific and have a plan.

2. Change your routine as often as is needed to keep progressing.


By this, one doesn’t mean changing what
works for you, but changing the order of your exercises,
reps, sets and ultimately moving away from those
exercises which are not giving you results.

3. You must train with progressive poundages in order to make size &strength gains.


Don’t just keep switching around your exercises never getting stronger on any of
them, make sure that you have beaten you personal
best poundage for the current rep range you are working
with before moving on to another exercise. Progressive
poundage combined with training variety will unlock
new growth for you!

4. Don’t overtrain!


Don’t train too long or too often. Keep
it intense and try to “work the muscle”, rather than “lift
the weights”! Get a pump and feel your muscles doing
the work.

5. Consume Whey protein within half an hour of finishing your training.


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Have another shake before going to sleep
and one upon awakening. This ensures that you are
getting quality protein at the most crucial times in
your bodybuilding day!

6. Drink lots and lots of water.


The majority of your body
is made up of water, drink at least 2 quarts a day. Do
this and you will get a lot bigger!

7. Don’t take anything which produces estrogen.


These being foods such as Soya, Cannabis or alcohol.

8. Sleep at least 8 hours a night!


Growth takes place when you are asleep. No sleep, no growth!

9. Take a multivitamin everyday!

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Make sure your body gets the micro-nutrient it needs to function optimally.

10. Don’t give up!


This cannot be emphasized enough.

As long as you are motivated in the first place &
persistent, you will get the bigger muscles that you want!!


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