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How to Get Good Grades on Your Food Choices

April 10, 2009

How to Get Good Grades on Your Food Choices

The condition of your body today is the result of the sum total of all the food choices you have made in the past. The condition of your body in the future will be the sum total of all the food choices you make today. Most people take their food choices very lightly, not realiznutrition-labeling that everything they eat has an impact on their physical condition.

Choose low-grade foods and you will have a low-grade body. Choose high-grade foods and you will get leaner, stronger, healthier, more muscular and more energetic. The problem is, how do you know what to choose? Which foods get good grades and which foods get bad grades? Label claims like “low cholesterol,” “low fat”, “30% less fat”, “all natural”, and “100% organic” grab your attention, and seem to scream, “Pick me!” First, you figure out what kind of “grades” you have getting now, and then you start working on improving your grades.

Before moving on to the actual grading system, here is a simple way to quickly and easily improve your food grades: Shop in a health food store, natural foods market, or a gourmet supermarket. You will find a must grappleeater variety than you would in a regular market.

An example is an apple is an A-grade food. An apple is a raw food found in its natural state, un-tampered with by man. Now unsweetened applesauce is nothing but pureed apples, but still, it is not in its most natural state, so now it is a B-grade food. Turn it into apple juice and you are down to a C-grade food. Then if you add sugar (sweetened applesauce or apple drink), now you’re down to a D-grade food. Finally, if the apples eventually become an apple pie, you’re down to an F-grade food.

Now, click on the link below to view food grade chart and look at what kind of grades you are currently getting now.

Food Grade Chart

So how did you dao? Don’t worry, if your “grades” weren’t so good, it doesn’t matter. What’s in the past is done. What matters now is that you look ahead and make a concerted effort to improve your grades. Don’t feel like you just get straight A’s starting today. Just remember- everything you eat helps or hurts; moves you forward or backward. One of the few things in life you can always be certain of is change. Make sure  your body is changing for the better.
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