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High Altitiude Training In Big Bear

December 8, 2009

High Altitiude Training In Big Bear

How does Training at High Altitudes Improve Oxygen Delivery to Muscles?

Did you see how much snow we got yesterday at Big Bear. I am so excited to go take advantage of this great opportunity to hit the slopes. I absolutely love this time of the year. Especially when I have access to my friend Liz’s Cahn Castruita’s BEAUTIFUL house. (More on that later)

First let’s talk about some of the benefits in training in high altitudes.

In high altitudes, the amount of oxygen in the blood is reduced because there’s less oxygen in the air.


To compensate for reduction of oxygen in the air, the kidneys secrete more of a hormone called erythropoietin, which causes the body to create more red blood cells.


The average life span of a red blood cell is 90 to 120 days.


Endurance athletes like runners and fighters are often able to train harder and perform better for several weeks after they return from about a month-long stay at altitude because their blood still contains the extra blood cells that were produced when they were training at high altitudes.


Runners who trained at high altitudes will have more red blood cells than runners who did not train at high altitudes.

What better place than SoCal where within an hour you can be at the beach and ski all in the same day!!  But I would suggest spending an entire day or weekend where you would like to enjoy your weekend.  I have a time share at the beach but  I also enjoy  to getting  my endurance up when I get a chance at this beautiful mountain home and its surroundings up in Big Bear.

I enjoy it so much that I CANNOT  keep it a secret any longer…………

I will share the website here for you and a few pictures.  Check them out.  I really enjoy an opportunity to get away with extended family as you can fit about ten friends or just get away with two or three families.   Enjoy the pictures and always remember to explore  and mostly enjoy new activities anywhere and everywhere you go.

Click on the links below to check out my home in Big Bear (OK, technically it’s Liz’s but I can dream)

Alpine Family Home

Big Bear Lake, California


Stylish, Inviting, Warm and Comfortable

This 4 Bedroom Tri-Level Home


The Alpine Family Home Is a Resort Unto Itself.


Ideal for 2 Families, 3 Couples, or Groups of 6-10 Friends, is Designed w/ Style & Comfort.


Near the Village, Lake & Slopes. It’s Perfect for a Quiet Place to Retreat or a Fun Family Gathering. OH and Endurance training!!


Fresh Mountain Air, Surrounded by Mature Oak & Pine Trees.

The perfect environment for a mountain get-away.

Oh & Endurance Training! 😆


So if you are interested in getting away and going to Big Bear I highly recommend in checking out Liz’s place. Just like her West Coast Magazine her Big Bear home is first class.


Remember before starting any new exercise or endurance training it is best to discuss these options with your family doctor or trusted fitness expert.

Again as always having a blast bringing you my latest thoughts and inspirations.

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