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Glenn Holmes Testimonial

June 6, 2009

Glenn Holmes Testimonial

Just sitting here sipping my second 20-oz bottle of water of the day and got to thinking…

Glenn Holmes Before

Glenn Holmes Before

Working first with Ryan and now Randy (would you believe I coached him in Jr. All-American Football when he was 12 and 13? WOW), I have been able to turn the highs low and the lows high.

I work out 3 times a week, but just as important I do cardio anywhere from 7 to 12 times a week. That’s Monday thru Friday, both in the morning and afternoon, along with Saturday and Sunday mornings. I vary the frequency (days and times) so as to not fall into a rut, and alternate my cardio between the elliptical and the treadmill.

Glenn Holmes after

Glenn Holmes After

I do 30 minutes on weekday mornings and before my afternoon workouts, and an hour on my ‘off’ days. While the workouts have increased my strength and muscle mass, the cardio workouts have turned my cholesterol from mid-200s to 113, my triglycerides from mid-300s to 103, my high blood pressure to 120/76, my high weight from 280 to 230, my body fat from 39% to 22%, and my frustration level is tempered by knowing that I have more work to do – but I can do it. And my energy level is in top gear – workouts, cardio, hiking, and softball. I fear no stairs!!

While I wish I could loose more weight (and I will), I am happy that I have gone from a tight 44″ waist to a comfortable 38″ waist as my weight has dropped, and I am very happy that my cardio has helped me beat the high numbers into submission.

Finished this bottle, another one to go…

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