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Getting Rid of that College Beer Belly

September 26, 2011

Getting Rid of that College Beer Belly

It could be the freshmen 15 that is pulling you down. You may have a college beer belly. No matter what led to your extra weight gain at college, you are now facing the reality of getting rid of it. Many students leave mom and dad’s house and go away to college. They do not eat right while there and often are not as physically active on campus. The result is weight gain. If this has happened to you, the good news is that you can do something about it.



Where Did It Come From?

One of the biggest questions people have is where this extra weight came from. For many, it does come from drinking alcohol. Considering that one pint of beer can have up to 300 or more calories in it, it is easy to see how just a few of these can put you well over your limit of calories for the day. Since you are away at school, you are likely to drink more often, too.

Otherwise, for those who do not drink a lot of alcohol, those extra pounds come from eating a poor diet. A bad diet of pizza and burgers, skipping breakfast and not eating vegetables will really do it to you. For many college-going students, this is a day in the life of eating as a college kid. After a few years of this, you may find yourself unable to lose the weight as easily as you did in the past.


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