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October 12, 2012

Building A Great Breakfast Meal

You’ve heard it time and time again, if you want to succeed with your weight loss goals, you absolutely must be eating a good breakfast.

Breakfast really is one of the most important meals of the day because it’s going to break the fasting period, jumpstarting your metabolic rate while also providing you with the energy you need to get your day off and running.

That said, many people choose very poorly when it comes to their food intake for the breakfast meal and thus suffer a set-back instead of moving forward.

Let’s look at the key things to remember when building your breakfast.

Avoid Cereal Bars

Chewy90 ChocChunk Detail.sflb .ashx  Building A Great Breakfast Meal icon read more Building A Great Breakfast Meal

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January 15, 2010

Tammy Jones is Going for More~~

Going for more!!  The last stretch!

going for more 300x214  Tammy Jones is Going for More~~


Dr. Saman Bakhtiar is an Ontario Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Instructor.

If you know anyone looking for personal training in the Inland Empire, send them to Fitness Concepts.

We will take good care of them. He is ‘thee’ Fitness Expert and Body Transformation Specialist this side of Los Angeles and Inland Empire.

Here at our amazing Health Club we are the gym of all gyms….or also referred to as the Gem of all Gyms.

We offer Boot Camps, Fitness Training, Nutritional Consultations and a friendly awesome staff ready to take on all weight loss and fat loss challenges.

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January 10, 2010

101Ways to Motivate Yourself

101 way to motivate yourself

1: Write down your goals.

102writing down goals 2 101Ways to Motivate Yourself
2: Create a fitness action plan.

3: Devise a desirable reward.

102rewardis 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

4: Set a completion date.

102deadline1 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

5: Enter a competition.

102enter 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

6: Enter a competition amongst your friends.

101don t go overboard at a party assess your options slideshow image 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

7: Plaster motivational quotes all over your house.

8: Write “Every Day is a New Battle” on your bathroom mirror.

102post it 3 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

9: Post your favorite fitness role model on your refrigerator.

10: Post your favorite fat picture on your refrigerator.

11: Type “Your Character is your Destiny” on your screen saver.

12: Type “Get off your Fat Butt” on your screen saver.

13: Practice core strength by using a stability ball for a chair.

102ball 300x199 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

14: Rollover and do some crunches in-between emails on your stability ball chair.

102ball11 24 08workout02 200x300 101Ways to Motivate Yourself
15: Buy a nice wardrobe that will fit you in two months.

16: Donate all your fat clothes to Salvation Army.

17: Moderate your strict eating with a fat meal once a week.

18: When eating your fat meal, look at the body type of other people who eat fat meals daily.

19: Buy some fitness magazines.

20: Read Body For Life by Bill Phillips


102billphi 237x300 101Ways to Motivate Yourself 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

21: Join a fitness web blog:

22: Read “The Edge” (This is the most motivating sports book ever)


66c8a2c008a0c6c909708010.L. SL500 AA300  101Ways to Motivate Yourself 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

23: Pray and thank God you only have to lose half the weight he lost.

24: Make a supportive fitness group. (Join Fitness Concepts group on Facebook)

25: Hang around fit friends.

26: Surround yourself with people and things that promote a healthy lifestyle.

27: Find a running partner.

102running partner 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

28: Inspire your own partner to run with you.

29: Create fitness goals with your partner.

30: Make a workout and diet log.

31: Personalize your journal by adding inspirational quotes and pictures. (I love the quotes from “The Best of Success” book)


32: Document your progress: weight, body fat, and measurements.

(Join the Fitness Concepts “Ultimate Accountability Program”)

33: Attend a bodybuilding/fitness show.

34: Talk to competitors and pros that live for fitness.

35: Ask your role models what motivates them.

36: Take a chance and email your role model off their web site.

37: Take a supplement for physical gains as well as a mental ‘placebo’ effect.

38: Drink some water.

water bottle 201x300 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

39: Drink more water.

debunking detox diets 256x300 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

40: Date someone more fit than you.

41: Date someone who inspires you. (Ok easy guys I said inspires you to get fit)

102inpir 300x271 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

42: Date someone you want to look really good naked for.

(If you are single of course)

102naked gym 300x207 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

Men are driven by symbols of fertility that women possess, and vice versa. In addition you both need to be on the same page to stay fit and have a great sexual chemistry.

43: Shave your body so you can see all your muscles.

102mangroomer 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

44: Tan your body so you can see all the lines and contours of your muscles.

(My wife would kill me if she saw this) She is an asthetician. Obviously do it sensibly.

102onion imagearticle2603 300x225 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

45: Go to the beach often. Vegas pool parties are good motivators as well. Did I hear Rehab at the hard rock.

102no butts 3 2 550 300x200 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

46: Hire a trainer. Scratch that I meant a fitness professional.

47: Become a trainer. Many of my clients who got in great shape became personal trainers because they experienced first hand the effects of changing their own lives.

48: Ask questions.

49: Look like a trainer.

50: Buy new athletic shoes.

102shoes 300x264 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

51: Buy a new workout outfit.

52: Buy clean, new and comfortable socks.

53: Workout hard BUT have fun at the gym.

54: Do group training with a friend. (Fridays and weekends you can bring a different friend to workout with you for FREE at Fitness Concepts)

55: Do HIIT training. (High Intensity Interval Training)

56: Get a massage once a week. (Only if you worked out hard and didn’t miss. This is a reward)

102baby massage 300x188 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

57: Drink an energy drink. (I like “Gun Poweder” by PPN)

58: Plan a vacation where you have to wear a swimsuit.

59: Read Lance Armstrong’s biography.


60: Envision your workout during your warm-up.

61: Focus on the workout, one set at a time.

62: Treat your workouts like you are getting paid for it based on performance.

63: Conquer your negative thoughts by pushing your body into painful consciousness.

64: Experiment on how much you can make yourself sweat. (No not by sitting in the sauna)

65: Make it a goal to be the fittest person in the weight room – or any room for that matter.

66: Test your Max on bench press and squats. (Make sure to warm up)

67: Post a fitness calender on your wall. (If you are married ask BEFORE putting Sports Illustrated swimsuit Calender on your wall)

102calendar  300x202 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

68: Put a before picture of you on the wall.

69: Watch pumping iron. (a classic)

70: Read The Encyclopedia of bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger

71: Don’t buy a home exercise bike or treadmill. Studies show that 93% become clothes hangers after the first 6 months.

102mill 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

72: Become the inspiration amongst your friends.

73: Help someone who is very overweight or wants to gain muscle.

74: Visit my web sites:

75: Place your alarm clock across your bedroom so that you have to get up to turn it off in the morning.

76: Place your athletic shoes right next to your alarm clock.

77: Place a quote right next to your alarm clock that says: “Today you are closer to the person you were meant to become.”

102post 299x300 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

78: Alarm your cell phone to give you daily reminders to eat, workout and give gratitude.

79: Volunteer your time with people who don’t have full function of their bodies.

80: Volunteer your passion for fitness at a senior center.

81: Look up new, healthy recipes to cook. (I love the book eating for life by Bill Phillips)

82: Search for new, healthy restaurants to eat at. (I already have done that on my blog for you

83: Observe the body type of the people at restaurants you shouldn’t eat at.

84: Read the book “What to say to yourself when you talk to yourself” by Shad Helmstetter, PH.D.

85: Learn a new exercise technique like Kettle Bell training.

102kettle bell 300x241 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

86: Turn off your TV and run.

87: Buy a new MP3 player or IPOD and put some high, energy, workout songs on it. (Trance and Hip Hop are my favorite)

88: Buy new workout devices like a heart rate monitor or pedometer.

89: Once a week go to the gym at a different time to workout by yourself.

90: Workout with your trainer at the same time everyday.

91: Workout using all new exercises.

92: Vary your cardio by changing the type of cardio you do. Mix it up

102boy dog pray 273x300 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

93: Say a prayer for power right before you train.

94: Say a prayer for performance right before your set.

95: Say a prayer for pain during your set.

96: Say a prayer for persistence after your set.

97: Say a prayer for positive action after you train.

98: Read articles by my bud Craig Ballantyne:

99: Read articles by my bud Vince Delmonte:

100: Get passionate enough to write an article about your success and send it to us.

102write 225x300 101Ways to Motivate Yourself

101: You know what motivates you. Quit reading and make it happen.

102end 300x252 101Ways to Motivate Yourself
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January 7, 2010

Goal Setting Made Simple

Here is what I call the Bakhtiar Formula for setting goals and accomplishing them.

Bakhtiar Formula
1. Decide exactly what you want and write it down in the present tense.

Be specific.

Your goals should be clear that a child could read it and explain it clearly to another child.

(I need to lose 19 pounds of body fat, I need to get my waist down to 30, etc….)

bfgirl writing 201x300 Goal Setting Made Simple

2. Set a deadline for the achievement of your goal.

Because of the fear of failure many people set vague and unrealistic goals and avoid committing themselves to a timeline.

As a result they have no benchmark or standards to measure their progress, and they eventually give up and quite.

( I am going to lost 19 pounds by March 1st )

bfdeadlinestressed Goal Setting Made Simple

3. Determine the obstacles that you will have to overcome to achieve your goal.

Identify the major constraints that hold you back from achieving your goal at the present time.

Fully 80 percent of the reasons you are not achieving the goals are internal.

They result from your lack of some quality or ability, which is largely under your control.

Only 20 percent of your obstacles or difficulties that are holding you back are external, in other people or situations.

(Lack of time? Manage your time better, lack of knowledge? Hire a coach, Lazy? Get off your a**, etc….)

bf4 Goal Setting Made Simple

5. Identify the people, groups, and organizations whose cooperation you will require to achieve your goals.

bfhandshakefriends1 300x246 Goal Setting Made Simple

6. Make a plan out of your answers in the previous questions.

A plan is the list of activities organized by sequence and priorities.

A list organized by sequence means that you decide what you must do before something else.

When you organize your list by priority, you decide whats more important on your list and what’s less important.

bfpriority 300x126 Goal Setting Made Simple

7. Take MASSIVE ACTION on your plan immediately.

Step out in faith.

Once you begin, do something every day that moves you in the direction of your most important goal.

bftony robbins massive action plan Goal Setting Made Simple

Dr. Saman Bakhtiar Phillips Ranch personal trainer and Gym owner always taking a personal interest in each client!

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