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August 5, 2010

Video From Shawna Kaminski Female Fat Loss Forty Expert

This is a guest blog by my friend and Colleague Shawna Kaminski. She is in her forties but manages to look better than most women in their 20’s. She has developed a complete system to help women over forty to look fabulous.

Shawna’s program is a MUST for any female over forty looking to loose fat and get in shape. If you’re not a female over forty please pass along this information to someone that can benefit. Trust me they will thank you for it.

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She is the 1# female fat loss over forty expert.


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HIIT No Impact Circuit from Shawna Kaminski


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July 9, 2010

Upland Personal Trainer Recommend Female Fat Loss Over Forty

Shawna’s program is a MUST for any female over forty looking to loose fat and get in shape. If you’re not a female over forty please pass along this information to someone that can benefit. Trust me they will thank you for it.

As a matter of fact if you invest in Shawna’s program before 7/16/10 I will give you a copy of my book “The Body Transformation Secrets” value ($39.99) absolutely FREE.

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Metabolism Do’s and Don’t’s – Top Tips

By Shawna Kaminski

She is the 1#  female fat loss over forty expert.

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I know that you’re concerned about what may seem like a tanking metabolism.

My clients are always asking what they can do to speed up their metabolism so they can burn more fat and lose that spare tire around their waists.

So, I’ll give you my top tips here on what to do and more specifically, what NOT to do:


The Metabolism Do’s

Tip #1 – Build Muscle!


I cannot stress the need for lean muscle mass more.

You NEED to add resistance training to your life NOW!

You will NOT become overly muscular with resistance training with your body weight or with actual weights.

You dont have the correct hormones to build bulging muscles very easily.

With resistance training, you will maintain your current mass at the very least, and hopefully you’ll add a few pounds of muscle.


Muscle burns calories and keeps the metabolism stoked!

Without resistance training, you can lose up 1-2% of muscle every decade.

This can equal 10-15 lbs.

The odd thing with this is that NO ONE actually loses weight when they lose muscle mass; the weight is just replaced with fat.

Fat is dead weight and it requires little energy to maintain.

Tip #2 – HIIT!


High intensity interval training is your key to metabolism boosting and fat loss.

You need to STOP the long slow boring cardio.

Instead, you need to add cardio that is short and intense in duration.

By short I mean you can get an effective fat burning workout in 15 minutes.

By intense, I mean by the end of the 15 minutes you really need to feel like you’ve run a marathon.

HIIT is not for the faint of heart.


Clearly if you want to look like you never have, you have to try things you’ve never done.

As your fitness level improves, you need to keep increasing the intensity (but not the time!) on the HIIT that you do.

For example, at the start, it may be difficult for you to do a 20 walk/10 sec jog set for 5 minutes.

If this starts to get easy, then you need to increase the speed on the jog to a 70% sprint and increase your walk to a jog on the 20 sec active recovery phase.

My point here is that you must always provide a challenge for yourself and your body will rise to the challenge and you’ll get the results that you’re looking for.






The Metabolism Don’t’s

Tip #1 – Stop Dieting


If you tend to gain weight at the drop of a hat, this is an indication that your body is in survival mode and it is trying to store those calories away for the impending famine (that never comes).

You need to build your metabolism and feed your body nutritionally dense food at regular intervals so that you can coax it out of this starvation mode.

Don’t think that you’ll lose more weight by eating less and less.

Your body just gets more effective at managing to function on fewer calories.

You won’t feel your best and you won’t lose the weight you want for all this suffering.

Tip #2 – Don’t Burn the Midnight Oil


Your body can react to even moderate sleep deprivation the same way it does with a severe calorie deficit.

Cortisol levels increase and you can become more insulin resistant.

This means that your body tends to store energy rather than burning it, so you hold onto your fat.

Your leptin levels are also affected.

Leptin is an appetite suppressing hormone and your appetite can get out of control when it’s in short supply.

To add to this, serotonin and dopamine levels drop and you will crave carbohydrates.

Is it any wonder you can’t lose any weight when you’re sleep deprived?

Who would have thought that sleep is the answer to sustainable weight loss?


If sleep is an issue for you, you could try a natural sleep aid called melatonin.

As we age, we have less naturally occurring melatonin; it helps us get into the deeper levels of sleep that makes us feel more rested.

You could try 0.5 – 3.0 mg supplement taken an hour before bed. It helps you feel drowsy and aids overall sleep quality.


There you have it, four tips to boost your metabolism: build muscle, add interval training, eat nutritious food and get some rest.

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In truth, these things will always be a ‘work in progress’ but we can certainly make efforts to improve our overall lifestyle to set ourselves up for a stoked metabolism.


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