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April 6, 2010

What’s Your Favorite Book and Quote

This may be the shortest post on this blog yet.


But for me, it’s probably one of the most important because I get to learn a little bit about you, and take away something valuable I can use in my life.

I have two questions for you.


1. What’s your favorite quote of all time?


2. What’s your favorite business, self-help, or motivational book of all time?


(other than the obvious The Bible, The Qur’an, etc….)


For me, my favorite quote is:


“If you look good then you feel good, if you feel good then you play good and if you play good they pay good”

by Dion Sanders

Ok one more


“America is too big for small dreams”

by Ronald Reagan

And my favorite book is:

Click on the image to order from Amazon:

“Who Are You Really And What Do Want”

by Shad Helmstetter

OK, one more

Click on the image to order from Amazon:


“The Success Principles”

by Jack Canfield

How about you?


What’s you’ve favorite quote and book of all time?


You know… the ones that have had the most influence on you, your character, business, or life philosophy.

Please leave me a comment on the below section and share them with me.

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