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February 23, 2013

I am in BIG Trouble

troubleI got to be honest with you.

I am in trouble.

Not with the law, but at work and at home.

You see as if having one wife is not bad enough, I have two.

And they both know and have learned to accept each other.

It gets even weirder,

They are Facebook friends and sometimes even hang
out with each other.

Most men are jealous and envious. Both wives are extremely HOT

But like anything in life…..

Too much of anything can be bad.

I am always in the dog house with both of them.

Man in the Doghouse

For instance….

I get in trouble with my home wife (Johnette)
when I stay at work late, listen to rap or watch
too much sports.


I get in trouble with my work wife (Alejandra)
pretty much on a daily basis.

Like the other day when someone complained to the boss lady about me.

We had a lady come in, that was supposedly “dead serious”
about getting in shape.

So I gave her my usual spiel.

“I only work with serious people”

“You got to show up everyday and follow the plan”

“I have the right to fire you if I feel you’re wasting my time and your money”

She then says…

“This is exactly what I was looking for, I will go to the bank and come right back to sign up”

So instead of going to lunch…

I waited.

And waited…

And waited…

Starving, I decided to give her a call.

She then says, she had an emergency phone call that she couldn’t come in. (no courtesy to call me and say I can’t make it)

She then rescheduled for later that afternoon.

No show..

Then rescheduled for the next day morning.

No show..

So I send her the following text:

It seems like we’re getting off the wrong foot. I don’t think you would be the right fit for our facility. we can only help people who do what they say and are willing to work hard. I would be more than glad to find you a another fitness professional.

That’s right, I refuse to do business with her.

I know who I can help and who I can’t.

And I have to stay true to myself and do what I feel is right regardless of financial gain.

Most people would be like yes I can help you, just hand over your money.

To me that’s called “selling out’


We want people to come here and get results. PERIOD

So if you’re someone who is willing to put in the work, I will do everything
in my power to help you.

On the other hand if you want a magic pill or just want to pay someone
and not show up, I would rather refer you to many gyms that
would love to take your money. We don’t do that here.

If Oprah couldn’t buy fitness, you can’t either.

We actually stalk and harass you for not coming in.

And get this…..

Stalking and harassment is at no extra and included in your membership.

After all isn’t that what you’re paying for?

You ask and I deliver.

Calling it like it is.



PS – Checkout all these new programs we’re offering

Fit For A Photo Shoot: Getting a bunch of clients ready for a professional photo shoot in June. Life is all about goals and this is a perfect opportunity to get in shape, get some professional photos taken.

Bikini Squad: Obviously this one is not for dudes. Basically this is for girls that want to take get in great shape and become one of our Bikini Squad girls.

Kids Boot Camp (ages 6-12): Already in progress Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s at 4pm. Fun way to introduce kids to working out and fight childhood obesity.

Chubby Hubby Program: Working on the details. Basically will take on a limited number of men and make them into “magic Mike” for their wives. Stay tuned.

Free Children Self Defense Seminar: This Saturday 2/23. From 9:30am-11am and 11:30am-1pm. I hear more and more stories of kids getting bullied. Be sure to take advantage of this…

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February 19, 2013

Chino Hills Personal Trainer 6 Week Challenge – Joe

Sam: Good morning, Joe.

Joe: Good morning.

Sam: How are you?

Joe: Good.

Sam: Good. So now tell me, you lost already how many pounds with us?

Joe: About 45.

Sam: 45 pounds. But you want to take it to the next level.

Joe: Yup.

Sam: Because you were just cruising it this week for a while.

Joe: Yeah.

Sam: And you need somebody just to breath down on your face and I will be that guy.

Joe: Yup.

Sam: All right. So let’s do it. Let’s see how much you weigh in. Step on up. January 2nd. 250.4 So we need to get down to 230.4 in six weeks. OK. Let’s go and put that on the calendar.

Joe: OK.

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February 18, 2013

Getting Rid of Anxiety


Before I get into my near panic attack last Friday.

Let me quickly remind you that we’re launching our

kids boot camp (ages 6-12) today at 4pm.

If you’re concerned about your children’s lack of activity, weight gain, or simply

want to set a good example for your child this is your chance.

We have to fight childhood obesity. Children are our future.

Sam LOVES the kids 😉

Ok, enough of that.

Last Friday night…..

My pulse started to race, I experienced shortness of breath and I had

this knot in my stomach.

I was experiencing what’s called  “Performance Anxiety”

Not the kind you’re thinking. (Even though that has happened to me once in college but let’s not go there please)

According to Wikipedia: Performance anxiety is the anxiety, fear, or persistent phobia which may be aroused in an individual by the requirement to perform in front of an audience.

You see my friends…..

After taking nearly nine years off from training clients, I recently decided to come out of retirement and teach four “booty boot camp sessions”.

I talked a big game to the Booty Boot Campers.

(I picked 20 women from over 200 applications to participate)

And now it was time for me to back it up.

After all, I can’t be telling people to bring their best, when I am not at my best.

That’s called a Hypocrite.

And that I’m NOT. Never….. EVER

Nothing wrong with talking a big game as long as you back it up.

That’s what I do, all day, everyday and twice on Sundays baby.

I talk big to put myself in a position that I HAVE TO BACK IT UP.

You should too.

Everyone should.

Nothing is sexier than confidence…..

Confidence CRUSHES anxiety.

Confidence comes from taking action.

That’s why they say action alleviates anxiety.

So my formula for success is simple…

1) Talk a big game and tell everyone you know about it. (that produces anxiety but a good anxiety)

2) Take massive action so you don’t look like a fool in front of everyone.

3) Deliver on your BIG MOUTH promise.


Here are some of the comments from the ladies in our Private “Booty Boot Camp” Facebook Group.

  • “Legs, hamstrings and butt are very sore..been walking funny the whole day but i love being sore after a workout means i trained hard”
  • “Booty, hamstrings, and quads on fire! They were good yesterday… But today… Ooo Wee!!”
  • “So so so sore! My shoulders and back are sore as well”
  • “Thanks Sam, my booty is really sore nice!!!”
  • “Wow on my way to work already feeling the burn. Haha great job ladies!”
  • “My legs, my nalgas and my arms ‘R so in pain but thank U Sam Bakhtiar Making me feel the right pain!!!! In the right places.”


Checkout this picture…



PS – The hell with the retirement. I am having way too much with this. Just haven’t quite decided what and who I want to kill (I mean teach) next. Stay posted…

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February 15, 2013

Butt exercises

Hey, it’s Dustin Maher, the founder of Fit Moms For Life and my main man, Sam Bakhtiar has asked me to share with you five butt exercises that I love to do with my clients. I’ve got Amy and Amy has lost 87 pounds, I cannot believe it, from this. But yes, she has lost that. So, we’re going to show a few exercises and then Laura who is filming this right now, she’s going to show you a couple more to complete the five.

So let’s just start with kettlebell swing. Kettlebell swings, you can use dumbbell as well. Turn to the side like this. I love this one for lifting the butt. You can start. So the key here is to hinge at the hips. You’re just popping those hips forward. Her arms are relaxed. She’s not using her arms to lift up, just a pendulum motion and she’s squeezing the glutes, squeezing the hamstring. It’s really going to lift the butt up, make it nice and round and tight. So two more and done. Good work. If you don’t have a kettlebell, you can use a dumbbell for that.

Next one – this is a ball that has sand in it so it doesn’t move. I recommend getting one of these or have a friend hold it. Just stand up to side actually. For single leg squats, so you come down, up. Up, so it’s going to require a lot of balance, a lot of stability. So, keeping the cord tight, she’s working the butt cheek in the right side. Again, this ball has sand it in so it’s not moving otherwise, you can use a chair. That’s another great way to do this. Let’s go for two more. And coming up. Nice.

The third one is going to be squat pulses at the bottom. So what we’re going to do is get down in a nice little squat position and then pulse. And go. And with this pulse, we’re trying to get the feet off the ground just a little bit. I like this one, not only does it burn the quads and the glutes, but also keep the heart area up a little bit. We’re going to go for about ten more seconds. I recommend doing this for about 45 seconds. Three, two, and one. Nice.

So, thank you Amy. Amy can run over, get the camera. I’ll introduce you to Laura. This is Laura. She just celebrated her 40th birthday so good at 40, right? All right. We’re going to do and exercise called hamstring falls. This one, it’s going to work the hamstrings, of course and also, the glutes. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to kneel down.

This is a partner exercise. So, it’s a good one to do with a spouse, with some kids. She’s pulling her toes toward her shins. I’m pushing down and she’s going to fall forward, slowing her body down using hand to push up using her hamstrings. So keep that body really straight and push that just enough so she can come back up. Chest up and chest out and done. Nice. That one is really good. Hit the hamstrings, a little bit of glutes as well.

Last one, what was it? Do you remember it? Single-leg hip raises. So first we’re going to do without the ball. So she’s going to be lying down. So single-leg hip raise or glute bridge is another name for it. You’re going to lift one leg up and then you’re just going to go up and down with your butt. So this one again, isolating the one butt cheek, also the hamstring getting worked here. Now, if this it too hard for you, you could go down to both feet, go up and down that way. If that’s too easy, you can put a ball for more instability. And then straight up and down.

And so this one, you’re exhaling as you come up focusing on that glute. Last one. Nice work. It’s a good job. All right.

So, Sam wanted me to tell you that my book, Fit Moms For Life: How To Have Endless Energy To Outplay Your Kids is available. You can go to to pick up a copy of that and I look forward to working with you through that book. And if you have any questions, feel free to email me. I’ll give you – Sam can give you my email address.

So that’s it. Nice job Laura and Amy. And I will talk to you later.

Follow along with me.

Wake up glutes warm up:

Hip Flexor Stretch

Hip Bridge
Progression: Weighted Toddler Optional

X Bank Walk

Single Leg RDL + Reach

Favorite Booty Boosting Exercises:

Goblet Curtsey Lunge

Bulgarian Deadlift

Single Leg Deadlift

Single Leg Box Hops

SLOW Step Downs

I Love My KB Swings!

All right. There you have it. Those are some of my favorite moves. As you see, I like to train both body weight as well as using heavy weights. It does wonders for your lower body, giving that booty just what it needs. Put that right up. Enjoy.

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