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Easy Ways to Cut Calories Fast

September 21, 2011

Easy Ways to Cut Calories Fast

It is very easy to take in calories. You may find yourself taking in a few hundred calories just from the snack you have. What about that cup of coffee or that bottle of juice, you may not realize just how many hidden ways there are to consume calories without really realizing it. If you are like many people, you want to keep your calorie count in line so that you can lose weight or maintain a healthy body. To do this, you need to know where to find those hidden calories that are causing you to gain.

Top Ways to Cut Calories at Breakfast

There are many ways to cut calories from your day without realizing it. Breakfast is a good place to start. Do you reach for that fast, frozen pastry filled with jam? Instead, go for a high fiber piece of toast with jam on top. That way, you control how many calories you are putting into your body. Avoid topping foods cooked in butter with more butter. Avoid the whipped topping on your cup of specialty coffee, too.

Lunch Time Savings

Lunch is another opportunity to cut back on the hidden calories. Instead of drinking anything with calories, choose a non-sweetened drink instead. Avoid dumping a big bottle of dressing onto your salad. Instead, opt for the spray varieties that cut down on the calories and the fat content significantly. Avoid those croutons on salads and choose the best quality, whole grain bread for your meals. Choose simpler foods. If you must have pizza, go with just cheese instead of the meat lovers.


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