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November 30, 2010

Sylvia’s Final Results: Amazing Transformation

Chino Hills Boot Camp does it once again. Sylvia a Chino Hills residence gets in incredible shape with Chino Hills Boot Camp. We are at Chino Hills Boot Camp are dedicated to get you results.

Sylvia Looking Great….12 weeks Final Weigh~in

Check Out Sylvia Below 12 Weeks Ago…

Sylvia in Great Spirits & mind~set on the day of her 1st weigh~in

Check Out Her Measurements!

Amazing Results!


Can Cammi Do It?

Chino Hills Boot Camp is the place where Chino Hills residence go when it’s time to get in shape. Since 1999 Chino Hills Boot Camp has helped THOUSANDS of Chino Hills residence get in the best shape of their lives. We at Chino Hills Boot Camp want to do the same for you.

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