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June 6, 2013

Things Are Bad [Maybe]

Sup AFF (Awesome Fitness Family),


Things are pretty bad, I think….

Apparently people LOVE their cardio.

Because, I got a LOT of pushback on my email about cardio and how it can make you fat if you do too much of it without any type of resistance training (weights).

So, I figured I would clarify some things about cardio.

Cardio is NOT evil.

It helps you shed body fat AS LONG AS you combine it with resistance training.

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Otherwise, your body is only going to adapt to the cardio and become more and more efficient at it until it does virtually nothing for you.

How many girls have you seen train for marathons in an attempt to lose weight, but by the time they ran the marathon they are not much closer to their ideal bodyweight OR LOOK THE WAY THEY WANT TO?


But, if you do want tone up, and are slightly behind on your body fat goals, what should you do?


That’s a great way to lose muscle, and SAMMY AINT ABOUT THAT. I WANNA HAVE MUSCLE AND LOW BODYFAT.

So how?

Enter High Intensity Interval Training.

What are those?

Well, it’s not a setting on the elliptical, that’s for sure.

The stuff I am talking about is HELL ON WHEELS.

High Intensity Interval Training is HIGH INTENSITY!


I’m talking about 4 or 5 ALL OUT SPRINTS.

OR 50-75 yards ALL OUT Sled pushes. You should have to take 2-4 min rest in between.



The point is to stimulate the muscle in a way that teaches your body to adapt to fast, intense work…just like lifting weights!

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But, all this being said, YOU CANNOT OUTWORK A BAD DIET. Doing a bunch of cardio then washing it down with a brownie just undoes all your hardwork. So be sure to stick to YOUR eating plan, whatever your goal may be.

Peace, love and egg whites 😉


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June 5, 2013

Why Your Diet IS Killing Your Metabolism

Just a quick reminder,

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OK, let’s get down to bizzzznessssss…….

I can’t even tell you the amount of times I have had someone come into my office, with the latest “10-day flubber flush” or “14-day body makeover” torn out from Cosmo or Fitness Health or whatever.

Before I go further…

A diet needs to be CUSTOM to YOU. You have a different metabolic rate, lean body mass, exercise schedule, non-exercise physical activity level etc. So, there is no one size fits all. You hear me? NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

What happens when you follow some of these traditional diets (usually aimed at females)? You lose weight, THEN IT STOPS.

But why is that bad Sam? That’s what I wanted to do.

Let me school you the way my mother used to…with an example.

Let’s say Sara Dissatisfacto needs to eat 2000 calories everyday to maintain her body weight. Basically meaning, if she were to eat that everyday, she would stay the same weight. YOU WITH ME?

OK. But Sara is dissatisfied with how she looks and wants to “tone up” so she decides to lose some bodyfat. NOT THE RIGHT WAY TO DO IT, AS PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED, BUT LET’S KEEP GOING.

So she surfs the net or her cosmo and finds a diet plan ready to go – and implements it immediately. Great.

It has her eating 1000 calories/day. This means that everyday, she is eating 1000 calories less than her body is burning. Great in theory, but Sara’s body is smarter than that…AND SHE SHOULD BE TOO!


She loses 5lbs the first week, then 3lbs the second, then 2lb the third.

After 3 weeks, she lost 10lbs. AWESOME!


What happened inside her body?

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At first, Sara’s body was under by a good amount of calories, so it shed some body fat, and (if it was low carb – probably), she used up a lot of glycogen to keep her blood sugar levels even.
Each of those molecules of glycogen is bound to almost 3x as much water by weight.

Soooo, you guessed it, she lost a lot of water weight.

But what else did she lose? How come she didn’t keep losing the same amount of weight each week?

Because her body, which was smarter than her, adapted. BODIES ARE SO DAMN SMART!

It saw that it wasn’t going to be getting the calories it was used to, so it cut out the tissue that is the most expensive to maintain….DRUM ROLL…you guessed it, MUSCLE!


By eating away her muscle, her body kills two birds with one stone. TALK ABOUT EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE!

It was able to eat up her muscle to get the aminos it needed, and satisfy its calorie needs while also cutting its need for future calories.

So, at the end of three weeks, she probably lost 5lbs muscle 2lbs fat and 3lbs water…nothing to be excited about.

She just set herself up for some HUGE fat gain once she gets back to her normal diet because her body now has adapted to a lower calorie intake and going back to 2000 calories per day will be like her eating 3000 calories everyday before she started the diet! That’s 1000 calories over her NEW needs.


Have moderate decreases in caloric intake with increases in physical activity AND train to increase muscle so that over time you can actually EAT MORE, NOT LESS, and still BURN MORE FAT.

That is how you get toned.

If you don’t believe me, keep doing what you are doing, and see if it gets you that SEXY FEMININE BODY YOU WANT

Til’ next time,


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June 4, 2013

The secret to achieving your sexy feminine body no one is telling you

It’s nutrition.

Over the last 3 emails, I talked about how to gain muscle, why it wont make you bulky, and why cardio is not the best way to lose bodyfat/tone.


So, this time, I figured I would drop this final pearl of wisdom…

You will not achieve the sexy female body you want by training alone.

Let me repeat that.


That’s the TROOOOF. (Can you handle it?)

Nutrition plays a significantly larger role than training does in body composition, irrespective of goal. Training sets the stage for change, nutrition makes it happen.

So what does that mean for you? If you are trying to gain muscle, you have to have your nutrition dialed in, or AIN’T NOTHIN’ GON’ HAPPEN!


Which means…YOU GOTTA EAT! And you cannot fear carbs. You need carbs to grow. CARBS ARE YOUR FRIENDS!

Now, I am NOT giving you an excuse to go all KOBAYASHI on some Ben & Jerry’s every night.

But, when consistently eating more calories than you are burning (like 200-400 depending on your metabolism), while you are regularly hitting heavy (relative to your strength level) compound lifts 3-5x/wk, your body will take the extra calories to create muscle.

Your training provides the proper stimulus, then your nutrition helps you rebuild the muscle you broke down stronger than before. RECOVERY IS EVERYTHING!

If you are thinking…. SO, you’re telling me that if I LIFT HEAVY + EAT MORE, the extra calories will go towards building the body that I want and not make me fat? YES!

You better not think you are going to gain muscle eating like a bird? NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO IN THE GYM.

You cannot gain muscle in a calorie deficit (eating less than you burn). Why? Because they are competing adaptations.


Why would the body create a metabolically expensive tissue (burns lots of calories at rest – which is why it is good for long term fat loss) when your body is not even getting enough to control its current output? That’s right…IT WOULDN’T. So stop expecting it to.

Once you gain the extra muscle you desire, burning your last amounts of fat will be easy because you will have all the extra help of some muscle horsepower to burn the fat and reveal the sexy feminine body that you have built.

So, what are you going to do now?

You have to eat a balanced diet emphasizing protein, carbs, and healthy fats slightly over the amount it takes you to maintain your weight.

An easy way to do this is have the same types of meals everyday, but the days you lift weights, have an additional meal of carbs and protein (a protein shake and .25-.5 cup of oatmeal or some dextrose works great here) which will set you up perfectly to gain muscle and recover from your work out. BOOM. EASY.

And, if you STILL aren’t gaining any weight…then you have to EAT MORE!



Learn More About Feminine Muscle



Peace, Love and Egg Whites

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June 3, 2013

Only 2 Ways To Decrease Body Fat

Hey AFF (awesome fitness family)

There are ONLY 2 ways to decrease your body fat PERCENTAGE.

1) Lose Fat. duh….

2) Increase muscle.

The problem with constantly trying to lose weight is that it’s inevitable that you will also lose some and in some cases A LOT of muscle in the process.

Now, I will try and dispel a few myths about muscle and show you how to achieve the smooth-lined sculpture you want.

You need to HEAVIER resistance training, and not a few pink dumbbell exercises at the end your workout.

“But I don’t want to get bulky”

Unfortunately, the pictures of female bodybuilders have scared away every woman in the world from lifting heavier weights,  to their own detriment.

Let me say it out LOUD. Lifting weights will make you HOTTER!

Just in case you don’t believe me, here are 3 reasons Lifting Heavier Weights Won’t Make You Bulky

1)  Some female bodybuilders on the cover of magazines that you usually see, take steroids. You aren’t doing that.

You better not be, cause I don’t share my Mach 4 facial razors ;(

2)   Men naturally have 7-8x the concentration of testosterone that women do. How many men struggle to gain muscle?

Probably the majority of the men you know. So, if they are struggling with this significant advantage, you are not going to turn into the hulk over night.

3)   When you are building muscle, it is a slow process and takes time.

Beliiiiiiieve me the body doesn’t just pile on more tissue as soon as you touch a weight.

Alright, you had better be convinced by now!

And here’s another scary knowledge bomb:

If you don’t lift weights or exercise to gain muscle, every year after you turn 30, the body loses an average of 1lb per year which decreases the amount of calories you burn and leads to fat gain.

That’s why so many people slowly gain weight as they get older. NO MORE SPANKS!

If FAT doesn’t scare you enough, without lifting weights that are challenging, the body slowly loses bone mass too, and we all know this can lead to osteoporosis and osteopenia. NOT GOOD!

Here are 3 reasons why muscle will help you avoid that:

1)   Muscle helps you burn more fat at rest, which means you can eat more and not gain weight. Hello carbs. A great thing for long term body composition maintenance.

2)   Muscle makes everything look better. Want that round butt? It all starts with built glutes and hamstrings. Defined shoulders? You need to develop your deltoids. Muscle fills in all the areas that are supposed to be there and helps you burn off the things that aren’t supposed to be there.

3)   Being stronger helps prevent osteoporosis and osteopenia

So what does this mean to you? Building muscle should be your primary goal for achieving the body you want.


You will get more toned, and prevent bone and muscle decay as you age, the best ANTI-AGING combo.

THE WORLD DON’T NEED NO MORE GOLDEN GIRLS. The world needs more cougars.


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