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Chino Hills Weight Loss Challenge

January 11, 2011

Chino Hills Weight Loss Challenge

We have 11 Chino Hills residence committing to lose a bunch of weights in the next 12 weeks. Thanks to Sylvia and Cammi these 11 individuals started their journey to a new body.

Watch as each week we weigh them and post their results.

As usual I made it interesting by telling them if they don’t hit their target weight they have to donate money to charity. Win-Win

Name: Michelle
Beginning weight 1/4/11: 175.4lb
Goal Weight:145.4lb
Charity:AIDS Foundation

Name: Al
Beginning weight 1/3/11 262.5lb
Goal Weight: 220lb
Charity: City of Hope

Name: Katie
Beginning weight 1/3/11 175.4lb
Goal weight: 135lb
Charity: BBYO???

Name: Nikki
Beginning weight 1/3/11 264.9lb
Goal weight: 224.9lb
Charity: Susan G. Koman

Name: Debra
Beginning weight 1/3/11 170.3lb
Goal weight: 150.3lb
Charity: Make a Wish Fondation

Name: Liz
Beginning weight 1/3/11
Goal weight: 155.5lb
Charity: (Person she dislikes)

Name: Lee
Beginning weight 1/3/11 245.4
Goal weight: 195lb
Charity: Donate to a politicians charity

Name: Carla
Beginning weight 1/3/11 213.2lb
Goal weight: 173.2lb
Charity: With Hope

Name: Dina
Beginning weight 1/3/11 172lb
Goal weight: 135lb
Charity: United Way

Name: April
Beginning weight 1/3/11 224.2lb
Goal weight: 194.2lb
Charity: Fibrosis Fibrosis Foundation

Name: Lisa
Beginning weight 1/3/11 179lb
Goal weight: 149lb
Charity: Shriners Hospital For Children

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