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Chino Hills Boot Camp – Why We Are #1

October 19, 2011

Chino Hills Boot Camp – Why We Are #1

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Alejandra font co owner of The Camp Boot Camp In Chino Hills

The Chino Hills Boot Camp offers experience and skills of the personal trainers who want to see their clients succeed. The boot camp helps the clients learn how to diet and exercise. This also helps the client when they leave the boot camp and want to incorporate the change of life style of diet and exercise into their every day routine. The boot Camp can provide the exercise and motivation for their clients. Dieting is an important part of the Boot Camp. The staff knows that there are differences in physical abilities, but everyone has to eat and they can eat similarly to one another. The  Boot Camp trainers follow the program of Dr. Sam Bakhtiar who has adapted a series of different fitness levels.

A personal consultation is required before beginning the boot camp. This is to determine the proper exercises for a client’s body type. This is important because everyone’s body is different. The boot camp avoids generic types of exercise programs and tries to tailor everyone’s experience for them. This puts Boot Camp in the upper echelon of boot camps. They will customize the diet as well as the exercise plan for each client. Each client is informed that losing weight is not a simple process and it requires a solid commitment if it is going to be successful. The weight loss can happen if the customer understands and accepts that letting the highly trained staff take the lead will be the best thing for them.

Testimonials rave about the Boot Camp being able to help them lose as many as 35 pounds a year as well as lowering their cholesterol by half. Tough cardio routines are a great addition especially when it comes to the occurrence of total fat and uric acid (which can cause kidney stones). To get these kinds of testimonials, Chino Hills focuses on each person and their particular needs instead of a generic preformed program.

Boot Camp will also show clients the best ways to tone their muscles. Muscles that are in usage will burn calories even when the client is resting as long as they are kept busy regularly. The staff will be able to answer questions for their clients and address the health concerns they may have. The process of losing weight becomes easier when there is someone to offer support. The boot camp staff makes their clients better equipped to keep going with the exercises and eating right even after the boot camp is over.



The Boot Camp helps their clients with their exercises. This includes the proper weights to lift and the proper ways to use the equipment. This also means the proper posture to have when doing exercises. The trainers also guide the clients through the programs in order to help the clients build muscle and burn fat. With proper posture and execution, clients are stopped from losing muscle by exercising incorrectly. The trainers will personally mentor each client to learn the correct way to exercise to avoid injuries. With this kind of help the boot camp trainers help their clients make their fitness regimen the most efficient.

The personal trainers at Boot Camp answer questions from their clients when they need guidance. The trainers keep the short term and long term goals in mind. As each goal comes up, the trainers offer encouragement and that extra push clients need to bust out an extra rep or run for just another 10 seconds. The staff teaches their clients the best way to string together a program of exercises for optimum effectiveness. Each client has a slightly different regimen made for them and in so doing all clients of Chino Hills lose weight at the best pace for them.

The outlook of  Boot Camp is unique as they guide each client through the difficult process of beginning to get fit. Many people have a problem starting their fitness program which is why they need the motivation. The boot camp trainers have the uncanny ability to light a fire under their clients to get them up and moving towards losing weight and becoming healthier. The boot camp trainers also help their clients become emotionally prepared to make such a life changing decision to get fit. The emotional facet of people is often the strongest and stops people from achieving their weight loss goals. Working out takes a toll (in a good way) on people both physically and emotionally and some people aren’t emotionally equipped to handle the surge of emotions without support.

The Boot Camp trainers are happy to provide their clients with the right information about working out, eating right and staying focused. With the right kinds of techniques and methods to use set Chino Hills apart from other boot camps who are just trying to make a quick buck. Having physical, emotional and mental preparation is the goal of Chino Hills and the trainers can stop the destructive cycle of yo-yo dieting many clients get caught up in before coming to the boot camp. When clients are sick of the cycle they can come to Chino Hills to have a consultation and be introduced to a trainer to become familiar with goals and long term plans for weight loss and achieving a higher level of fitness.

The professionally trained staff of Chino Hills are dedicated to the craft of shaping bodies and minds of clients into better fit people. They want to help clients achieve whatever they want to achieve. With the help of Chino Hills clients have a hand to hold on the way, a carrot to dangle in front of them with a good shove and a kick in the pants to get them moving. Chino Hills provides clients with all the motivation necessary to achieve goals even faster than the client had originally intended. All a potential client needs to do is head to Boot Camp to start their journey towards a better life.

Dr. Saman Bakhtiar is the co owner of Chino Hills Boot Camp the #1 boot camp in all of Chino velley

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