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Charlie Sheen’s Workout

March 10, 2011

Charlie Sheen’s Workout

An Introduction to the Charlie Sheen Workout

He sure hit the headlines when he got thrown out of the hit CBS show, Two and a half

Men. A furious Charlie Sheen ranted and raved at CBS executives calling the show’s

creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre a ` contaminated little maggot’. But the

fault, as media reports claimed, was totally his.

Day after day of incessant drinking, a furious cocaine addiction and wild orgies with wilder women had taken its toll:

Charlie Sheen was not only declared a washout, his career too, was put on hold.

Well, circumstances change and Charlie Sheen now claims that post-rehabilitation, he is

drug-free and works out for a couple of hours every morning, starting 5 AM.

He is even known to have told a popular radio show host that “it feels heavenly to be clean.’’ It’s a pleasure to be “high on life these days, thanks to clean living and a healthy lifestyle,’’ he says. Women of course, feature in his rehabilitation program and he’s even found a few with whom he’s genuinely beginning to bond. This time too, he’s out having a ball.

So what is Charlie Sheen doing when he says that he works out for a couple of hours?

He says he’s high on life, clean and 100 per cent sober. To prove his point, he even had

Pat O’Brien, popular radio show host; join him for his early-morning exercise schedule.

It comprised cardio and aerobic exercises, weight training, spot jogging and running that

not only burns the calories but leaves a much leaner and fitter you.

The workout started at 5 AM sharp and by no means had Charlie snorting cocaine.

It was a different picture altogether from his earlier wild days. He admits he’s high

on life as it is and there’s absolutely NO such drug that can get him any higher! The

rehabilitation program that he attended following an alleged three-day cocaine binge

seems to be working.

Charlie insists on a proper diet of solids and liquids while he’s working out. He’s on

to Chocolate Milk and something that he calls Naked Juice. The former is drunk in a

measure of 16-ounces and should contain 16 grams of protein in addition to one third

of the daily calcium intake recommended by your trainer or doctor. Its carbohydrate

content is about 50 g of sugar. Chocolate milk protein contains whey and casein which

are the ideal ingredients for muscle mass development. Whey digests fast while casein

is slow digesting and these in their totality aid in post-workout muscle repair, insists

Charlie. It comes cheap, too.

Naked Juice contains 32 grams of protein and handles your daily Vitamin C intake. The

sugar content, however, is 56 g so watch your total intake during a workout session.

Charlie seems to have taken his turnaround seriously. Dying, according to him, is for

fools and amateurs!

I was cracking up when I saw these…..


and from Charlie himself……QUITE THE CHARACTER!

And the point is…….

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