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Celebrity Workouts Daniel Craig

May 4, 2011

Celebrity Workouts Daniel Craig

The Daniel Craig Workout

It takes a lot of grit and determination to have the perfect James “007” Bond body, but Daniel Craig was up to the challenge. Diet was a huge part of buffing up – he would even venture to say 75 percent. From here on all, it’s all lean protein, leafy greens, whole grains and omega-rich fats. But who could tell Bond he’s not allowed a glass of red wine or a pint of Guinness? Craig still indulges and eats full meals, he says, so he didn’t really “diet” per se, but he does make healthy choices. The bottom line was that he had to be happy to pull off his role as the sexy, suave James Bond and if that meant the occasional indulgence, then so be it!


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