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Cammi’s Progress Week #1

December 9, 2010

Cammi loses 10lb with Chino Hills Best Boot Camp

Here is Cammi’s progress on her first week. Remember Cammi was inspired by Sylvia who lost 37lb in 12 weeks. If you haven’t seen Sylvia’s amazing week by week transformation then click here.

If you also remember Cammi vowed to lose 40lb in 12 weeks and even went online to Stickk (a free goal setting tool) and put up $600 to be donated to charity IF SHE DOESN’T FOLLOW THRU.

Cammi is working out at “The Camp” every day along with following my exact nutrition plan. She is also taking Metabolism (fat burner) and also drinking Prograde Protein in between her meals to rev up her metabolism.

Cammi has lost a whopping 10lb in her first week!!!!!! Go Cammi ………

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December 2, 2010

Cammi’s Progress Week #1

MEET CAMMI!!! She is the new “Sylvia”. Cammi was inspired by Sylvia and after her AMAZING 12 week transformation where she lost 37lb. You can see Sylvia’s last weigh in and her before and after pictures here.

I also want to share great FREE resource with you called Stickk

This is a new resource I have been using with clients to make sure they Stickk to their goals.

Below is a screen capture of this resource and how I used it for Cammi.

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