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Boot Camp Chino Hills Sylvia’s Progress After Week #2

September 21, 2010

Boot Camp Chino Hills Sylvia’s Progress After Week #2

After losing 7lb in the first week of boot camp in Chino Hills working out and eating right. I really didn’t think Sylvia could lose another 7lb again the 2nd week. Again I was wrong. In 2 weeks she lost a whopping 14lb. This is really starting to freak me out. She is talking about losing another 7lb on her 3rd week. There is no way!!!!  Seriously, I really am tripping about her weight loss. After all she is a female that is 47 years old.

OK, If she loses 7lb by next week that means a total of 21lb in 3 weeks!!!!

There is no way in H*** she is going to be able to do that. If she loses 21lb by next Tuesday I will donate $50 to her favorite charity. But there is no way it’s got to slow down. 😆

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