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Blast From The Past

August 25, 2009

Blast From The Past, Tell Us What You Do To Unwind?

Disturbing News in Chino Hills
We already know that many people are under severe stress due to the economic state of our country. Being a fitness professional I am always educating my clients about the benefits of exercise and better nutrition. We all know that exercising releases endorphins and enkephalins which are the natural pain killers and feel good hormones.

In the last few weeks I was very disturbed about the murder-suicide news that happened in our back yard.¬† I mean how can someone do such a thing. I can’t understand it no matter how much I try.

It hits extra hard when it’s so close to home. It makes me wonder one thing. Would the husbands have committed such a crime if they were exercising regularly?

I know whenever I am stressed a good workout will definitely put me in a better place. No matter what we should never let our financial situation get in the way of our relationship with our spouse and children.

After all we live in The United States of America the greatest country in the world where anything is possible.

Please read the below stories and leave me a comment about your thoughts in this matter. I am very curious to see if everyone agrees with me that exercising is the best thing for stress relief.

Sadly…..August 2009 In Chino Hills

A fight between a married couple on a Tuesday evening turned deadly when a husband shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself, sheriff’s officials said.

The couple’s adult daughter was at the house, she was not injured, she ran to a neighbor’s to call 911.

Deputies found Victor Pinon, 50, and his wife, Elizabeth, 49, dead inside the home.

The daughter told deputies her parents had been arguing when her father grabbed a handgun and shot his wife. He shot himself seconds later.

Neighbors in the quiet community said they were shocked by the incident.

According to news reports the husband was very helpful and the wife was always smiling.

The couple’s daughter lived with them. They also had two older daughters and one older son, Estrada said.

The Pinons one-story house is nestled in a suburban community with walking trails and exercise parks.

He must have been severely stressed to do something like that.” A neighbor said….

Sadly….. Last month in July¬† 2009

Less than a month ago and barely three miles away, sheriff’s deputies contend Jacobson killed his daughter and then himself on July 25 in their quiet, upscale neighborhood.

A 49-year-old Chino Hills man apparently murdered his 7-year-old daughter and then committed suicide in their home while his wife was visiting relatives, according to San Bernardino County sheriff’s and coroner’s officials.

Karl Eugene Jacobson and Kadee Jacobson were found dead about 9:30 p.m. Saturday in separate rooms of their home along the 3600 block of Daisy Drive, San Bernardino County coroner’s officials said this morning in a written statement.

Jacobson’s wife discovered the bodies when she returned home about 9:30 p.m. according to sheriff’s homicide detectives.




Do you think that exercising could have prevented all this? Think about it for a second

Do you think that after a good workout these men would reacted the same?

I guess we would never know BUT I will always wonder.

Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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