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Adaptation The Key To Survival

October 11, 2010

Adaptation The Key To Survival

Survival depends on one’s ability to adapt to changes. This is true for all species. Getting old is just a fact of life.

One can either adapt and survive or risk extinction. That’s what happened to Dinosaurs and all the other species that couldn’t went extinct.

What are you doing to adapt? Consider this for a second, many years ago we had to exercise just to get food. (Imagine if you had to run 2 miles before you could eat each time)

Today all we have to do is reach for food and it’s there. Today exercise is a matter of choice not a survival technique.

Everyone of us have a choice. To get old graciously or to just let ourselves go.

Unfortunately with letting ourselves go we increase the chance of Morbidity (the state of being diseased or unhealthful) and Mortality (state of being mortal having a finite life).

Below is what an eagle does to survive. There is a HUGE lesson in this.











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