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6 Mistakes Men Make That Keep Them Fat

August 31, 2011

6 Mistakes Men Make That Keep Them Fat

You care about your looks and you work hard to stay fit. On the other hand, you may not realize you are making key mistakes that could end up costing you big time. For those who may not realize it, there are numerous ways you could be making simple mistakes that are keeping you fat.

You Skip Meals

Not only is this bad for your body in general, but it also can keep you from losing weight and maintaining your shape. It stops your body from controlling your appetite when you skip meals. More so, it destroys your will power and much of your ability to keep on a diet or to work out comes from willpower. Skipping meals defeats the purpose in the end.

You Eat Really Fast

What does speed have to do with it? Savor your food instead. This gives your body some time to send that signal to your brain that you are full. If you speed eat, you are not giving your body time to react to what you are putting into it. That, ultimately, leads to complications in your ability to balance your weight. Some studies indicate that men, who consistently eat faster, are larger.

The Weekends Are Free

One of the mistakes many men making is giving in on the weekends and breaking their diets and exercise regimens. That will keep you fat. Even having that large, pig-out fest on Sundays can cause a problem for several days after. You do not have to go cold turkey giving up these meals, though. Rather give yourself one cheat meal after a full, weeklong workout and diet session. Just one meal – not the whole weekend, keeps things in perspective.

Too Much Salt

Salty snacks are not good for your heart and they could be contributing to your fat, too. In fact, not only does it cause problems for your body, but it also can cause you to eat more. A bit of salt on popcorn leads you to eat more than a serving. The salt on potato chips leads you to be unable to stop at just one. Avoid salty treats as much as possible.


Look at how much alcohol you are taking in. Rather than just go off memory, though, write it down. Count up the calories you consume over the course of the week from alcohol and it is often very clear just how much this could be affecting your fat loss goals.

TV Viewing and Sleeping

Do you sit in front of the television eating and then fall asleep? That is a double hit to your goals. Research indicates that if you eat in front of the TV, you are likely consuming more than others who do not. That is because you just sit there afterward instead of being active.

Which mistakes are you making that are causing you to gain weight or that keeps you from losing it? For many men, these hidden mistakes lead to health problems for years to come.

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