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5 Ways to Burn Calories at Work

August 24, 2011

5 Ways to Burn Calories at Work

Do you sit behind a desk most of the day? If so, you may not be getting enough of a workout to keep you active. For some people, it is easy to burn calories. They may spend their days on their feet, helping customers or even performing physical tasks. In those cases, it is easy to get through the necessary calories. For all others, there are ways to burn more just by making a few changes.

Don’t Do Lunch Just Once

Rather than eating a big meal in the afternoon, plan to consume something smaller every two to three hours. Doing this can greatly increase your overall health, too. How does it help? It gives your body time to digest food and keeps your calorie burn going. Your metabolism is increased. You can lose weight by eating smaller meals more often. All of that contributes to your health.


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