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2nd street bistro

November 19, 2009

Downtown Pomona Bar and Grill & MORE

Great outdoor ambiance  sitting outside with So Cal Weather.


Parking is convenient too.


Check out the historic building, made of brick and interesting artwork inside!!


Pomona being just a hop skip and a jump from Chino Hills  has a rich history with many options for entertainment for you all you adventurous enough who dare enter the City of Pomona.  Check out what the city looked like 100 plus years ago


It is never a dull moment here in Downtowm Pomona.  It is an artsy place boasting many museums and galleries and small businesses.

Many come from far and near to Pomona’s Antique Row.


There is also an Art Walk every 2nd and last Saturday


Wednesdays there is a Farmers Market with live music from 4-8 pm and also the 2nd and last of every Saturday as of (10-28-09) Click on the pictures to direct you to their site for the most up to date schedule of events.


What about the newly renovated Fox Theater………I know I know, Pomona is “Dangerous” who wants to go there……but there is good and bad everywhere…….Imagine all the concerts and places we go to in Los Angeles.  Talk about a city with crime…(L.A)….Downtown Pomona sure offers alot………and depending where you live…….of course we are in Chino……10-15 minute max drive.


There is the 3rd Annual Chalk Walk Saturday November 14, 2009.  Which I am tentatively putting on my Calendar!!  (hope it doesnt rain!!)

2ndartsAlso there is an intersting venue at the Glass House check out their site to see who is playing.


There is an Annual Smog Dance Film Festival that just keeps growing.  Coming up on their 13th year in 2010.  I found this for those of you short films buffs comin’ up mid November or so.

2ndarts10Lastly, here on my Blog but certainly not least… there are many more interesting points of interest but too many too list………as it is I hope I have not lost you with so much talk of Pomona…….from an Awesome quaint restaurant blog……… full blown Pomona Promoting was not my intention…….LOL……But just as I did research to give you good reason to drive out to my buddies’ eatery I found so much to share with you………I hope you don’t mind………please share your Pomona experiences with us and let us know if there is a blog we might be able to bring to you, our loyal fans!!

And yes there is 1 more  ok 2 more but it is for the kiddos!!!  There is an Awesome lil Gallery Museum called ‘the Da’ and there are art classes available on Saturdays!!


Here goes…………the 2nd one…….but I did find a 3rd…. 🙂

2ndartspolyok really folks this is it…….one last thing I found that may be fun thing to do…….and heck it is $free.99 you cant beat that!!

2ndartspoly1Again as always having a blast bringing you my latest thoughts and inspirations.

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