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108 Ways To Get Fit in 2010

April 8, 2010

108 Ways To Get Fit in 2010

108 Ways To Get Fit This Year

by Dustin Maher

I have included 10 of Dustin’s Tips below & PDF file to print & post




I truly believe that this year will be your best and fittest year ever.


For some of you, you are entering this year in the worst shape of your life, for many of you, your best!


Wherever you are, just know that you can always be better!

Health and fitness is a constant journey.


Remember you have everything inside of you for greatness;

it is up to you to tap into that and reach your true potential.


It is my goal in this article to give you many quick tips that you can implement in order to have a profound impact on your life.

Rainbow woman

Trying to do every one of these tips in the first week would be overwhelming.

I recommend reading them all over a couple times & then find 2-5 the first week to incorporate into your life.


After a week or two of being successful at those challenges, move on to another couple while still implementing the first few.

This is a very powerful way to make many small changes that can completely transform your life!

Please note these are in random order and not based on level of importance.

Print this out and post it next to your computer or somewhere you will see everyday.




Are you ready? Lets go!

1. Take before pictures
2. Post before pictures on your refrigerator and keep visible in your car and next to your bed
3. Take circumference measurements ASAP, and repeat every month
4. Eliminate sugary drinks completely… fruit juices, diet soda, regular soda, energy drinks
5. Eat plain Greek yogurt
6. Find a workout partner that is committed and won’t let you slack off
7. Write inspirational quotes on index cards and post everywhere around you
8. Read stories about others who have achieved greatness in their health and fitness, whom you can relate to
9. Eat at least 1 big salad each day, two is even better
10. Get protein in with each meal

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“Educating, Motivating, & Inspiring everyone to reach their potential in all areas of their life!”

Dustin Maher
Personal Trainer: A.C.E (American Council on Exercise)
(608) 772-6651

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