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10 Things Fitness Teaches You About Life

May 13, 2010

10 Things Fitness Teaches You About Life

10 Things Fitness Teaches You About Life

#1 Develop Good Habits


In order to achieve success, you must develop good habits.

We are creatures of habit.

Fitness isn’t just something you do in order to look great and lose weight.


Fitness becomes part of your lifestyle: it becomes habitual for you to work out every week and challenge your body weekly.

If we develop good habits, success becomes natural.

#2 Moderation


Everything in life is good in moderation.

You can’t diet 365 days of the year, and its good for your body to get a week off from exercise once in a while.


It is only when things become excessive: eating too many carbs, drinking too much alcohol, working too much: is when things go bad.

#3 Consistency Is Key

The Key To Success

Consistency is key.

Some weeks you work out five times a week, sometimes only one.


The key is to remain consistent in your workouts in the long run.

In life you should never let go of things that are important for you, remain consistent regardless of the situation or challenge.

#4 Prioritize Your Life


Prioritize your life.

Take a step back and re-assess what’s important to you.

Fitness is part of our life because we understand that our health and our body improve the quality of our life.


Everyone gets busy.

We are faced with deadlines, overtime and stress.

However, regardless of how demanding our professional and personal lives are, we should always prioritize what truly matters.

#5 Quality Not Quantity

1-Quality Not Quantity

It’s all about quality not quantity.

It’s not how long you work out, it’s how hard, focused and intense you are when you do.


Similar to Fitness, in life, having an abundance of material wealth won’t necessarily provide happiness, however; the quality of the people and experiences that make up your life will provide happiness.

#6 Care For Yourself First


Take care of yourself first.

By focusing on your health and prioritizing your nutrition, you are taking care of yourself first.


In doing so, you are now more capable to contribute to your friends and family because you did something small that was positive for yourself.

If you are physically, mentally and spiritually stable, you can give more to those you love.

#7 For Every Action, There Is A Consequence


For every action, there is a consequence.

Training takes dedication, commitment and sacrifice.


Constantly re-strategizing your fitness goals takes long term visualization.

Every choice in our life has a consequence, by understanding long term results we can make better, rational choices today.

#8 If You Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail


If you fail to plan, plan to fail.

If we want to achieve something great in fitness, we must understand nutrition and exercise.


After understanding how each component is important, we can better execute.

Like any life situation, you must first understand what it takes to get somewhere and then go!

#9 Be Open-Minded


Be open-minded.

New studies in nutrition, exercises and health related diseases are always coming out.


Understanding the body and the way it functions takes years and years of comprehension.

Our knowledge in anything is always limited, once we feel that we know it all, we limit the opportunity to continue learning.

#10 Focus On The Travel, Not The Destination


Focus on the travel and not the destination.

There is always a challenge ahead … there is always a weight we want to lift or a muscle we want to define or ten more pounds we want to lose.

As we continue to grow with age, new challenges in our health will arise.


But in order to enjoy life, we must enjoy the process of it and not focus so much on the destination…because once we get to our destination, there is always somewhere farther we want to reach…this desire to resist complacency is what creates success.

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