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October 12, 2010

Claremont Boot Camp Sylvia’s Challange Week #5

Here we go. This is Sylvia’s 5th week working out at “The Camp” in Claremont (our new indoor boot camp facility).

As many of you know she has lost 16lb in 4 weeks. So let’s see how much weight if any she loses on her 5th week.

In Case you haven’t been following CLICK HERE to see week 1-4 videos and progress reports.

Claremont Boot Camp is dedicated to your results

Watch the below video and see what happened this week.

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October 12, 2010

Mina Munoz @ 2:13 pm

Good afternoon Dr. Sam,
I have enjoyed your wonderful website for some time now, together with your emails providing us with your knowledge and experiences – and of course, your fabulous Boot Camp. I currently workout at the YMCA Downtown since it is close to my work, however, I would love to visit your facilities soon – Just had to send this to you – Keep up the good work – you are a great inspiration on everyone who believes and knows that exercise and eating healthy is the only way to go!

P.S. – Dr Sam – can you recommend women’s and men’s multi vitamin at Pro Grade – I am sure they are all great – but just want to start off with a multi and/or your recommendations.


Dr. Saman @ 3:46 pm

Thanks Mina for enjoying my blog. Here is the MultiVitamin of my choice for:



Hope that helps

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