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April 26, 2013

Smart Recovery Carbs To Consider

After finishing an intense workout session, you’ll want to be making sure that you’re taking smart nutritional tips to boost your recovery rate after the workout session.

Those who aren’t looking after post-workout nutrition are not going to be getting the results they’re after because their body will stay in a broken down state for a longer period of time.

Many people simply don’t know which are the best food choices to be making during this post-workout period, so let’s walk you through the main ones that you should be considering.


The first good carb to be eating is bananas. Bananas are the best fruit to consume post-workout because they are higher in starch content compared to most fruits, which means they will refill muscle glycogen levels that much better.

When you eat other fruits, for example an apple, you’ll get a higher amount of fructose coming in, which isn’t as effective for saturating muscle glycogen stores.

Save these fruits for later on.

White Rice

Next, white rice is another good post-workout food to be consuming. It’s faster to digest then brown, so a better option in this case since you do want some insulin spike to be present.

White rice still won’t cause you to come crashing down after consuming it however, so is better than pure simple sugar.

Have half or one cup, depending on how long and intense your workout was.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are the last good option to be adding to your post-workout period. These are again a higher carbohydrate and starch based food that will help you to recover faster and since they contain no fat at all, they’re a perfect option for the post workout period.

Just be sure that you prepare them without butter to keep the fact content low and you will be serving your body exactly what you need.

With all three of these great post-workout carbohydrates, make sure that you are also adding a high quality protein source to the menu as protein will be required to complete the recovery process and provide the body with amino acids for tissue rebuilding and repair.

Serve these as close to immediately after your workout as possible and you will be on the way to results.

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