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May 15, 2011

Ryan Reynalds Workout

The Ryan Reynolds Workout

The Ryan Reynolds we knew in “Van Wilder” and “Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle” just seemed like a typical dude – someone we may or may not run into at the gym. Yet, the Ryan Reynolds we saw in “Blade Trinity” and are about to see in “The Green Lantern” later this year is the pinnacle of fitness with chiseled washboard abs and arms that are defined but not overly beefy. A guy like Ryan Reynolds might fluctuate between 200 pounds / 8 percent body fat for action flicks and 180 pounds / 11 percent body fat for romantic comedies.

To go from scrawny to brawny, you’ll need to gain anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds of pure muscle, improve your strength by a good 50 percent or more, and kiss that baby fat goodbye. In just 5 months, Reynolds packed on 20 pounds of muscle and trimmed his body fat percentage from 11 to 3. Diet-wise, he was eating every two to three hours and drinking loads of water, which prevented his body from storing anything as fat. A typical day for him would include two eggs, a slice of avocado and a cup of plain oatmeal for breakfast, a protein bar snack, a tuna wrap and salad for lunch, a protein shake snack and a chicken or fish dinner with brown rice, veggies and a salad. This, of course, is nothing shocking, so let’s continue onto the goods.

One of Ryan Reynold’s personal trainers, Darren Chapman, says he had the star working out for 2-3 hours per day. While he meditated, Reynolds would begin with 500 to 1,000 crunches, including some lower ab exercises lifting an exercise ball between his legs. For the rest of his body, he focused on one core component each day – a chest day, a back day, a shoulder day, a leg day and arms included for all days. Supplements like Creatine, Multivitamins, Conjugated Linoleic Acid and L-Glutamine helped Ryan Reynolds build the maximum amount of muscle, his trainer adds.

Another one of Ryan’s trainers, Bobby Strom, said he had Reynolds working out for 90 minutes, 7 days a week – never doing the same workout twice – to prepare the actor for “Blade Trinity” and “The Green Lantern.” Strom tells WebMDthat one day he chose to have Ryan do 70 percent abs, with legs and upper body exercises. The next day, he’d work opposing muscle groups to allow time for one muscle group to recuperate. If you feel totally burned out, spend a day doing pilates or yoga, he adds.

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