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November 19, 2008

Healthy Restaurant Review #2

Restaurant #2 – Chipotle

Click on the ‘play’ button below to view the video.


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November 20, 2008

abbey haagsma @ 2:23 pm

Thanks sam! I LOVE your restaurant reviews! They are extremely helpful…..we are always on the go, and eating out!

Chris @ 4:00 pm

Sam, dude i love your blog

This is by far one of the best local based blogs I have EVER seen

You are the man and we’re born to do this kind of thing Sam

Jeremy Nelms @ 8:20 pm

Saman, this is a brilliant idea! I’ll be doing this in our local area…thanks!

Jeremy Nelms

November 23, 2008

Sam @ 12:16 pm

Hey Jeremy,

Hope all is well with you and your lovely wife.
You are doing some big things. Keep up the good work
brother. I appreciate your friendship.

Sam @ 12:18 pm

Hi Abbey,

Thank you for the kind words. I truly appreciate
you and Johnny’s friendship. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST.

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