January 16, 2013

Quick Tips To Prevent Knee Pain

knee painAs you go about your workout program, one thing that you need to be quite mindful of is knee pain development.

Whether you’re currently suffering from a chronic injury or you’ve never had any pain in this area of the body before, if you’re doing a strength training program and are not being very careful with how you perform some movements, you could be putting yourself at risk for this problem.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most important things that you must be doing if you want to prevent knee pain from developing.


Wear Good Running Shoes

Nike Shox TL1 Orange Women Running Shoes

The very first important thing that may seem obvious to most, but you would be amazed how often gets overlooked is to make sure that you are wearing good, supportive running shoes.

Since your running shoes are what will support the entire body during each and every movement you make, when there is excess stress coming down on the knees (such as when you have a weight overhead), if you don’t have the support of good shoes, you can rest assured you’re more likely to experience pain.

Plus, if you happen to roll an ankle due to low levels of support, this can often travel up the knee and place more stress and tension on the tendons and ligaments as well.

Watch Your Toes During Lunges, Step-Ups, And Squats


The second important thing to consider is to make sure you’re watching your knee placement while doing step-ups, lunges, as well as squats.

The knees should always move directly over the toes. If they ever cross towards the inside of the knee or outer knee, you’re setting yourself up for pain.

This will place a great deal more stress and tension on the tendons and ligaments, which will definitely lead to long-term pain.

Watch the knees and if they aren’t tracking properly, stop and rest and possibly consider using less weight so that you can control this issue better.


Strengthen The Inner And Outer Thigh

leg raises

Finally, make sure that you are performing some exercises that will strengthen the inner and outer thigh muscles as well.

This can include your squats, lunges, or step-ups, or it can also include leg raises if you prefer.

Either way, building up these muscles will help to prevent the chances that the knee cap is pulled in one direction – towards the inner or outer leg, which can also result in tracking problems and pain.

If you keep these quick tips in mind as you go about your workout session, then you shouldn’t have any problem reducing the risk of knee pain and making sure that you’re able to stay on top of your workout for a long time to come.

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