February 12, 2013

Quick Tips For A Faster Workout Session


One of the biggest complaints that many people use as a means for an excuse as to why they skipped their workout (yet again!) is that they just didn’t have time.

There’s no question about it, we all lead very busy lifestyles nowadays, but this does not mean that your fitness program has to fall by the wayside because of it.

All you need to do is learn some of the most effective methods to use to produce a shorter, but still highly intense workout session that will bring you the results you’re looking for.

It really isn’t all that hard as long as you educate yourself on a few different principles and then put together a game plan for action.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

Use Compound Movements Only


First, when it comes to your exercise selection, drop all isolation exercises out of the picture. While these exercise can be an okay addition to a workout program when you have time, when you’re running against the clock, they simply don’t provide enough benefits to be included.

Leave them for a time period when you aren’t in a rush to get in and out of the gym.

Instead, choose movements such as squats, rows, deadlifts, bench press, shoulder presses, and lunges. These are far more effective.


Next, when putting your workout program together, superset as often as possible. This means pairing two exercises immediately back to back with each other.

So for example, do a squat and then do a bench press. Do a lunge and then do a pull-up. Doing so is not only going to save time, but also enhance your metabolic rate more as well, allowing you to see top results from the workout session.

Go For Time

The next quick trick to help save time during your workout session is to go for time rather than reps. Instead of counting to eight or ten reps – however you may be doing, set a goal to do as many reps as you can, using good form and the weight you normally use, for one minute.

This will immediately cause you to work harder, upping the intensity of the session and is great for building muscular endurance.

Just make sure that you do maintain good form at all times as some people are more likely to lose it when using this technique.

Do Full Body Programs

full body workout

Finally, last but not least, make sure you’re doing full body workout sessions. If you use these, you really only have to do two workouts per week to get results.

Three would be better, but if you’re pressed for time, two will be sufficient.  Plus, these workouts are much better for fat loss as well.

So there you have the need-to-know facts for producing a time effective but highly efficient workout.

Use these and you don’t have to sacrifice your fitness progress for your busy schedule.

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