March 5, 2011

Pure Results – Chino Hills Boot Camp

The Camp Boot Camp is Chino Hills #1 Boot Camp. You can’t argue with RESULTS

You can only get results like this at Chino Hills Boot Camp.

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March 5, 2011

James @ 8:58 pm

Wow, the results are amazing. I love the expression in Al’s face. He didn’t even believe he lost that much weight. Everyone is doing great

Kristy @ 9:00 pm

Wow I am proud of everyone’s effort. I can totally see the difference in everyone. Hard work and dedication definitely pays off.

Jennifer @ 9:02 pm

Hi Dr. Sam,

It seems like you have many success stories. I live in LA and really wish I was closer to you. Have you had people that didn’t get results?

Dr. Saman @ 9:16 pm

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your kind words. Even though we have a few clients that drive all the way from the valley I don’t recommend driving that far to workout. I can refer you to a trainer in LA and he is awesome. His name is Josh Carter of Carter Fitness. I wish I can tell you that I have 100% success rate but I don’t. I can put my 20 years of experience and education to design a great workout and nutrition program however it’s up to the individual to TAKE ACTION and follow the program. When it comes to fitness, no one can do it for you. I can only educate, motivate and guide but it is still up to the individual to take action.

March 7, 2011

ahmed @ 8:00 am

thanks for telling and sharing a video on Chino Hills Boot Camp. really good to know sth abt it! great post!