August 21, 2013

Progress not perfection

“Progress not perfection” – Alejandra Font

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This is Anabolic Alex here.

There is habit that I see at ALL LEVELS of physiques among clients and friends involved in the fitness industry. And it is something that will make you unhappy, frustrated, and continually dissatisfied. No way to live life, especially not at the Transformation Center.

This habit is focusing on perfection.

I see incredibly fit girls in the say things like “UGH! I really just feel so fat. My legs are so bloated. My stomach looks fat. Etc…” And then you have other girls, often girls who are not in as good of shape in absolute terms respond to that girl with things like “I would kill for your body/I wish I had your problems etc.”

One person complains and another person complains in response. At its core, this is just a negative cycle.

And it is no way to live. Nor is it a way to be excited about your physique. This isn’t limited to people who are “out of shape” this goes for everyone, especially those at the highest levels.

I know firsthand that this drive to perfection will help you make progress, but you will never appreciate what you have because you are always focused on the next goal.

And if the whole point is to be happy with how you look, you will actually NEVER be happy with how you look unless you fall in love with PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION.

Loving PROGRESS is about falling in love with the PROCESS. Fall in love with the way it makes you feel, the way accomplishing something difficult makes you feel stronger and more capable. And when that happens, you will realize that you will slowly begin to see changes in your physique because you are not focused in the daily swings in the scale and understand its just part of a bigger process.

You will never reach a point and say “Ok. I’m done now.” There will always be more to do. So don’t set your goals as perfection, just set them as progress.

You will feel better about how you look and you will not see the mirror or the scale as this vicious judge, but rather, just another means of measuring progress. And if you start seeing your physique in this light, you will be able to make better long term progress and enjoy yourself while doing it and not get stressed out about small steps back like vacations etc. when you are supposed to be enjoying life, and not worried about your diet, right?

In happiness and health,

Anabolic ALex

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