July 22, 2010

My Son Didn’t Make it. Devastated

Today at 11am we went for a routine ultra sound and found out that our unborn son didn’t have a heart beat. I am just devastated at this point. I know God always has a plan but this is very hard to swallow. I need some time to reflect and recover from this.

Please leave me a comment below and help me deal with this

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September 14, 2010

Michael Giles @ 7:48 am

I am very very sorry you lost your son Sam. God has blessed you with a beautiful daughter. Rejoice in the gift he has given you and cherish your time with her before she grows up. God has given me a son and I am taking advantage of my time with him. God Bless you !!

Dr. Saman @ 8:49 am

Thank you Michael. I truly appreciate your healing comments.

October 31, 2010

jacquelyn @ 10:16 pm

I am so sorry for your loss. About 2 years ago, i had my son and the hospital didn’t get to us in time, and my placenta obrupted and he lost over half of his oxyen. They didn’t get us into surgery ubtil 15 minutes later! I died 3 times on the table and my son was transfered to another hospital where he lived 6 days. I struggle with everday life even thought the lord blessed me with 2 beautiful and healthy girls. I can’t watch tv because anything about a baby in danger or sick or dieing, i can’t do it i cry my eyes out and relive the hell i endured every second from his birth. I can’t really go to the grave site but i try to in rememberance of my baby boy! I am over protective of my girls and live my life in absolute fear,fear of losing them.I don’t know why God took my baby boy home, but i try to remember that he is in heaven. So is your little one!if you ever need anyone to talk to just email me,i have been in your position and always need someone to talk to.
JACQUELYN I will keep u in my prayers