August 7, 2010

Monday Motivation Get Out Of Here With Your Excuses

Have you heard these excuses before? EXCUSES

I recently read a book by John C  Mawell. He said “If excuses roll willingly from a person’s tongue, it’s certain that money doesn’t flow easily out of his pocket. You can estimate a person’s bank balance from the excuses he makes. The habit of excuses is the worst of all habits.”

Obviously that statement applies to health and fitness as well.


Please share (in the comment section below) some of the most outrageous excuses that you have ever heard.

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August 9, 2010

Dale @ 2:57 pm

Great video. I like the ending. I think I have heard all of those excuses. My new slogan is “Stop making excuses, start getting results”

Dr. Saman @ 3:00 pm

I love that Dale. Might have to use that.

Brandon Campbell @ 3:05 pm

This is such an Awesome video! Thanks for sharing it. One of the excuses that really gets to me is when people blame not being able to train on their kids. My response is always…you should really be doing it because of them!

LJ @ 3:28 pm

WOW! That was good….That reminds me of when I was running a half marathon with a friend that I really didn’t want to do. About mile 2 (of 13) I was whining in my head..didn’t want to do it, my knees hurt already, could stop right now, who would care…blah blah blah. Then a man ran past me who had 2 prosthetic hook legs. That was enough to stop the complaining. It was time to put my head down and go. ( :

Steven Nava @ 3:37 pm

“its thursday ..i wanna start on a monday”

Dr. Saman @ 4:23 pm

@Brandon: That’s right. If you don’t want your kids to have to carry you in a wheelchair some day.
@ LJ: All I have to say is WOW. No excuses after seeing that. WOW
@ Steven: That’s the “Let me have one more weekend syndrome”

August 10, 2010

lizett @ 8:58 am

and none of these excuses are able to say. Just do it!!! Let’s do it!! being healthy its a way to demostrate that you love yourself as well.

Dr. Saman @ 11:40 am

That’s right Lizet. JUST SH** UP AND DO IT. I AM WITH YOU 100%

Angela @ 12:27 pm

I love this & all the motivational emails I get from you!! Thank you, it is what works for me!!

Dr. Saman @ 3:18 pm

Angela, thank you. You’re awesome!!!!!!!