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April 11, 2013

I LOVE Our Clients

cheat-mealHey AFF,

Don’t forget, cheat meal potluck is TONIGHT.

It’s taking place in Chino at 6pm (no 6 and 7pm sessions that day, regular schedule in Rancho).


I got to tell you something……

I absolutely LOVE my AFF (awesome fitness family)

We are all so much alike.

We love to workout, have fun and from time to time talk a little “smack” (in a fun way)

Life is too short and we really try our best to create a fun, loving(sometimes tough love) environment.

After all it has to be fun or it won’t last.

I joke all day with my wife, clients, staff members and that’s just how we roll.

I feel so blesses because I can’t wait to “go to work” everyday.

But creating a culture like this hasn’t been easy.

When you know EXACTLY what you want, it also means you know EXACTLY what you don’t want.

And that’s a good thing….

Cause you can’t create a culture of pleasing everybody.

And we fully understand that and we’re OK with it.

Instead of me explaining it. Let me give you a few real life examples:

Client #1:
Sam I am ready to sign up for another 3 months.

Awesome. You have lost 20lb so far and now we need to do more resistance training.

Client #1:
I am so happy. My sister told me that her trainer would do it for half the cost and I told her “well I don’t care cause you look the same”.

Lesson to be learned: $1 is too much money wasted if it’s not going towards your goals.

Client #2
Sam, I am seeing great results.

I can see it in your waist. You’re looking great.

Client #2
That’s why I come here. I know you get people results.

That’s what I do 😉 I say you do and everything will be aight.

Lesson to be learned: Lesson to your coach.

Client #3
Sam, my friend at work keeps asking me to go to their boot camp.

Why don’t you try it.

Client #3
It’s cheaper, but I love the workouts and all the people here.

How about me? You don’t love me?

Client #3
Of course, but your head is already too big.

I tell you the same thing I told my wife, if there is someone better out there for you, who am I to stop you.

Client #3
You’re cocky. But I like your confidence.

Not cocky, I am just 100% CONVINCED that we’re the best choice.
My wife wanted tall, dark and handsome…. I delivered 2 out of 3.

Still trying to figure out how to get taller once I do, I will deliver in that as well.


PS – See you tonight at the potluck 6pm sharp.

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