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February 13, 2013

How To Save Time On Food Preparation

cooking healthy

Trying to eat healthier can be quite a challenge, especially when you add a very busy lifestyle into the mix. If you often find yourself forgoing healthy eating because of the fact that you just don’t’ have time to do enough cooking throughout the day, you need some help in the food prep department.

While it is true that you will likely cook more than normal while trying to eat healthier as fast and convenience foods should be cut out, if you know a few simple tricks and techniques, cooking healthier doesn’t have to become a burden in your time schedule.

Let’s take a quick look at what you need to know.

Cook In Bulk

cook in bulk

The very first tip to remember is that you should always be cooking in bulk whenever possible. Never cook a single meal – this only means far more time spent in the kitchen daily.

For those trying to eat healthy, left overs are a must. Cook three meals at once – or enough food to make up three meals, and store them in Tupperware containers in the fridge.

Most food will last for at least a couple of days before it goes bad.

Likewise, when preparing your protein sources, also cook in bulk as well and consider freezing some for future use when you have those really busy days.

Slow Cook

slow cooker

The second method to save time on food prep is to use a slow cooker. These are easy as you’ll just throw your protein source in, some diced vegetables, along with whatever you’re using as a sauce or flavoring into the slow cooker in the morning and it’ll be ready by the time you get home from work.

Again, cook in bulk while doing this and you’ll almost spend no time in the kitchen at all.

Buy Pre-Chopped


The next tip to remember if you’re really trying to save time is to buy pre-chopped vegetables. Many people aren’t taking in as many fresh vegetables as they should be simply because they don’t have time to cut them up.

Buy them pre-chopped and you won’t have to worry about this. Or, consider buying frozen as well. That’s an equally great option.


Finally, never go without a plan. If you don’t know what you’re having for lunch or dinner, not only do you have to cook, but you have to decide as well.

If you aren’t using a food plan of some sort, it’s going to be quite difficult to be prepared and to cook in advance since you never know what you’re eating.

Take some time each Sunday and lay out your weekly meals. This will serve you well not only for saving time, but for sticking with the diet as well.

So use these tips and you can spend less time in the kitchen, but still maintain your healthier eating goals.

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