June 13, 2013

How To Repair A Damaged Metabolism

If you’ve been on a fat loss diet for quite some time and were seeing good progress but that has recently slowed, chances are your metabolism is running more slowly than it should be. As a result, you just aren’t burning as many calories on a day to day basis as you could be, thus progress is moving far more slowly.

In order to regain faster progress again and get your metabolism fired up, you need to understand how to correct a sluggish metabolism properly.

Let’s go over the steps to take.

Figure Out Your Target Calorie Intake

First, you need to figure out what your target calorie intake is going to be. What calorie level do you want to reach?

For most people leading normal lives – doing a few workouts per week, you can assume your maintenance calorie intake will be around 15-16 calories per pound of body weight.

For those who are very sedentary, 14 may be the better number so adjust accordingly.

Begin Adding Calories Gradually


Now that you know your calorie target, you need to begin adding calories to this number gradually. Don’t add them all at once or you may risk some fat gain as your metabolism is running more slowly than it normally would be.

Add around 10-15% of your total intake every 2-3 days until you are at your target calorie level. Then you want to stay at that target calorie level for at least one week (two would be preferable) before you go back down to dieting again.

Focus On Getting Sufficient Carbs


When adding foods to make up these calories, really focus on carbohydrate dense foods here. These are going to be the ones that have the most significant influence on your metabolic rate, so will be what produces the optimal results.

You still need proteins and fats, but carbs should be your focus.

So there you have the steps to take if you are currently suffering from a slow and damaged metabolism. If you take these steps, you can get back to where you want to be and seeing faster fat loss again.

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