April 10, 2011

How to Lose Stubborn Fat

How to Lose Stubborn Fat

You have gone on crash diets, exercised to the best of your capacity and ability but are simply unable to get rid off that stubborn fat that’s been troubling you for some time. The point is that neither did the fat happen overnight, nor will it burn off in twenty four hours. The idea is to reorganize your lifestyle by slowly lowering calorie intake while increasing physical activities through workout regimens and auxiliary exercises.

An effective way to get rid of stubborn fat is to covert four large meals into eight smaller meals while snacking on fiber rich foods like nuts and fruits in between. Your body metabolism remains on the higher side throughout the day while the fat slowly burns off. Just stay off white sugar, white breads, pizzas and other fast and processed foods. Eat fresh and try and prepare your own meals. The very hassle of having to cook will put you off food.

Since the main thing on your mind is weight loss, whatever you eat has to be in small portions, especially sweets. Avoid cream-laden cakes and pastries which can be substituted by fruits and berries or low-fat yogurt or ice cream. Remember, it is absolutely imperative to go for a high fiber diet as this cleans out the intestines and encourages smooth bowel movements which in turn help shed stubborn fat.

A planned, rigorous workout everyday is a must to shed stubborn fat. Exercising turns fat into muscle and helps you to reduce stress which indirectly is also responsible for fat accumulation. Cardio, aerobic and weight training exercises are proven ways to reduce weight. Walking on an incline, which provides resistance, is also effective as against a flat surface which proves useful for weight loss in the long run. Try using a walking machine and gradually increase the incline degree and speed to sweat more and thus, lose weight. This, if done for a period of fifteen minutes in a day extended to twenty or twenty five minutes really helps in burning fat.

Spreading out your calorie intake will help you lose stubborn fat also. This is because your energy and blood sugar levels will even out due to a higher body metabolic rate. Spreading out calorie intake also aids digestion, absorption of vital nutrients and ejecting body wastes, which add to weight. This is difficult initially, but once you get into the habit, the stomach size starts shrinking internally after a period of time and your belly feels full even if you eat a small meal. These steps, if followed over a time period create a thermo genetic situation whereby the body generates its own heat to burn fat. So go on, try them out to achieve the best results.
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April 12, 2011

Amparo Cohen @ 5:30 pm

can we really lose ??

Regina D. Conner @ 5:32 pm

Really nice article.. i will start following your page now..

Bryan L. Colon @ 5:34 pm

I am following Your instruction.. of taking one large meal into 8 smaller meals..
it working gud for me..

Marylyn M. Youngblood @ 5:37 pm

I Really Want to Lose fat.. will this help me for sure??

April 13, 2011

Intake Calories @ 5:39 pm

i prefer lowering calories with modification of diet, that was the first thing that we must watch to get success, if you do not look what you eat you must be fail in lose weight

so the key is “watch your diet”

June 8, 2011

bally total @ 12:36 pm

This is a great post and I completely support it. Diet, exercise and discipline are the top 3 things responsible for weight loss. However, all of which can be difficult to get in the habit of doing, that is why working out with friends, family and children can be a way to spice it up. Furthermore competing with a relative who may have the same goal, and having a desirable prize be awarded to the winner are also ways to keep yourself motivated. For those interested in weight loss, you must eliminate 3500lbs a week to lose JUST 1LB. Needless to say you must be committed and focused on your goals. Most excuses center on “not having time,” but if you have time to watch your favorite tv show, your goal is within your grasps. You will have to GO GET IT! Well once again, Great post! Keep it up!