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December 31, 2008

Have you thought about your New Year’s Resolution yet?

Have you thought about your New Year’s Resolutions yet? Most people have some intention of trying to get healthier in the next year. The problem is that their plan is not very specific and it lacks the compelling reasons WHY they want to be in better shape. If you fall into the category of going all out come Jan 1 – working out 5 days/week, eating well, feeling great, only to wake up one morning with enough motivation to shut off the alarm clock, you definitely need to dig deeper into why you want to lose the weight and come up with a long term plan.

Do you find you are mostly on your own when it comes to eating healthy and having intentions of losing weight? Is your partner overweight, yet doing nothing about it? Are you the only one in your household enjoying large salads, nuts, and fresh fruit and berries?

What if you and your partner BOTH decided to get in the best shape you possibly can in 2009? I mean, NO EXCUSES. What if you both decided to commit to a workout plan as a couple? You could hold each other accountable. You would be a team. You would be eating the same foods. You would no longer feel that you are ‘denying’ yourself anything because you are both eating the same meal. You would not have to feel tempted by the other foods in the house because they are not there! You could surround yourself with only healthy foods. You would feel that connection with your partner because you are both going after the same goal. Doesn’t this sound like a fantastic beginning to the New Year? How about the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in your life?

I feel so fortunate that Johnette, my wife, is a health nut. We are both always encouraging each other to workout and eat well. We have each others best interests in mind. It is so much easier to think and act like a fitness minded person when you live in the same household as one. Fitness becomes your identity. It’s just a wonderful way to live versus trying to reach your health goals on your own. It’s like a constant battle field when other people in your home are not on your team. The goal in mind seems so much more out of reach. The fun of it is missing. Eating well seems more challenging because your intentions are different than everyone else’s.

I guarantee you that your journey towards healthy living will be that much more successful with your partner ‘on board’ with you. So you’ve got some thinking to do now:

1. How do I get my partner to want to get fit with me? Ultimately this will need to be their choice. However you can give them the reasons why you feel it would beneficial to you as a couple to get fit together.

2. Do you have a program you can both follow?

3. When will you do your cardio?

4. Do you have a nutrition program to follow?

I hope that I am getting you to really think about your health and fitness goals for 2009. It is almost here!


“What You Believe, You Can Achieve.”

Committed to your fitness success,

Saman Bakhtiar

Top Fitness Expert Chino/ Chino Hills Valley

Fitness Concepts Personal Training

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December 31, 2008

Lenny Evans @ 3:38 pm

Hey Dr. Sam,

Wow! That was the most inspirational video I have ever watched. I am committed to being in my best physical condition ever in 2009 and I am also committed to being in my best Financial condition in my life. This is our year to bless tens of thousands of people. I’m glad to be on your team!!

Lenny Evans

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