February 13, 2013

Got Kids?

Hey Fitness Family,

I am so SUPER PUMPED about our Kids Boot Camp Program. (KBCP)


I just wished that my 3 year old could do it. (she had daddy’s attention span right now ;(

The program is designed for kids 6-12 and is designed to help children
fall in love with fitness.

Checkout what some of the parents posted on Facebook yesterday about the program.


(Lowey our trainer) was so helpful and great with me during my boot camp. I was so comfortable leaving my baby with her! This is a great thing for us! I can work out at the same time my girl is working out! It’s a win-win!


I was praying my daughter would enjoy it since she hates sports. She did not enjoy it, she LOVED it and asked how long we have to wait until she can go again. Awesome class and thank you Sammy for taking it upon yourself to care about our kids.


Thank you for setting up the kids boot camp, greatly appreciated. I was impressed with the turnout, and Olivia was impressed with the activities. She has never asked me if she could return to anything that involves physical work, she is looking forward to Wednesday. Thanks man.

We also got a few very valuable and always welcomed constructive criticism.

All I have to say is that my partner Alejandra, myself and
Super Trainer Lowey our dedicated in making this one of best
kids programs around.

As of right now, we’re only offering it on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 4pm and allowing
no more than 15 kids per session.

Last time I checked we had 12-12 enrolled which means we have 2-3 spots available.

We would love to offer you or anyone that has kids 6-12 a free trial session.

(this way we can make sure it’s the right fit for the children)


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