February 18, 2013

Getting Rid of Anxiety


Before I get into my near panic attack last Friday.

Let me quickly remind you that we’re launching our

kids boot camp (ages 6-12) today at 4pm.

If you’re concerned about your children’s lack of activity, weight gain, or simply

want to set a good example for your child this is your chance.

We have to fight childhood obesity. Children are our future.

Sam LOVES the kids 😉

Ok, enough of that.

Last Friday night…..

My pulse started to race, I experienced shortness of breath and I had

this knot in my stomach.

I was experiencing what’s called  “Performance Anxiety”

Not the kind you’re thinking. (Even though that has happened to me once in college but let’s not go there please)

According to Wikipedia: Performance anxiety is the anxiety, fear, or persistent phobia which may be aroused in an individual by the requirement to perform in front of an audience.

You see my friends…..

After taking nearly nine years off from training clients, I recently decided to come out of retirement and teach four “booty boot camp sessions”.

I talked a big game to the Booty Boot Campers.

(I picked 20 women from over 200 applications to participate)

And now it was time for me to back it up.

After all, I can’t be telling people to bring their best, when I am not at my best.

That’s called a Hypocrite.

And that I’m NOT. Never….. EVER

Nothing wrong with talking a big game as long as you back it up.

That’s what I do, all day, everyday and twice on Sundays baby.

I talk big to put myself in a position that I HAVE TO BACK IT UP.

You should too.

Everyone should.

Nothing is sexier than confidence…..

Confidence CRUSHES anxiety.

Confidence comes from taking action.

That’s why they say action alleviates anxiety.

So my formula for success is simple…

1) Talk a big game and tell everyone you know about it. (that produces anxiety but a good anxiety)

2) Take massive action so you don’t look like a fool in front of everyone.

3) Deliver on your BIG MOUTH promise.


Here are some of the comments from the ladies in our Private “Booty Boot Camp” Facebook Group.


Checkout this picture…



PS – The hell with the retirement. I am having way too much with this. Just haven’t quite decided what and who I want to kill (I mean teach) next. Stay posted…

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