September 30, 2012

Four Workout Sins To Avoid

At any given moment, if you walk into a busy health club, the chances are high that you will see someone committing some type of workout sin that is either going to stand in their way of making good progress or worse yet, potentially leave them very injured.

Going about your workout program in the correct manner is hugely important if you want to see optimal success and make sure that you can maintain the active lifestyle for a long time to come.

Make a few wrong moves and you could be paying for it in the long run.

So what workout sins are most commonly made? What do you need to be aware of so that you can be sure to avoid them in your own program plan?

Let’s walk you through the major workout sins that so many people are committing so you can get it straight for yourself what you must not do.


Four Workout Sins To Avoid on, Chino Hills Boot Camp, Chino Hills Personal Trainer, Chino Hills Weight LossThe very first thing that you need to make sure you’re doing is monitoring your rest times.  Do you often start off watching the clock carefully and then find as time passes on that you just ‘wing’ it, estimating as you go?

If so, this is a huge mistake.  How much rest you’re taking between each set that you perform is one of the main factors that is going to go into determining the rate of progress you see.

Using short rest periods will stroke your metabolism and help you see accelerated rates of fat loss, so you must be sure to keep tabs on how long you’re letting yourself go before the next set.

If it helps, wear a stop watch during your workout. 


Four Workout Sins To Avoid on, Chino Hills Boot Camp, Chino Hills Personal Trainer, Chino Hills Weight LossAnother mistake that you don’t want to be making is neglecting proper form.  Some people get so wrapped up with trying to either rush through their sessions because they’re short on time or lifting too heavy of a weight for what they can handle and then let their form slip.

Remember, if you aren’t using good form, you won’t be targeting the muscles properly and this then means you won’t get the results that the movement has to offer.

Always make maintaining good form your top priority.


Breathing is another common piece of the workout puzzle that’s overlooked.  If you aren’t breathing correctly, you might notice a high build-up of pressure occurring and this is going to decrease the amount of force that you’re able to generate through the movement.

Make sure that you breathe in and out using a steady rhythm that’s coordinated with the lifting and lowering phase of the movement.


Four Workout Sins To Avoid on, Chino Hills Boot Camp, Chino Hills Personal Trainer, Chino Hills Weight LossFinally, the last error that some people make is neglecting to warm-up.  Remember that the warm-up you do is going to help get you prepared for the workout to come by warming up the muscles, increasing your circulation, and getting you mentally focused for the workout to come.

It only takes five to ten minutes at the start but will have a significant difference on the results you see.  Do not skip over it.

So there you have the main things that you should be thinking about as you go about your workout plan.  If you’re making any of these major mistakes, make sure that you get them fixed before you carry on.

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