September 2, 2012

Factors Preventing You From Getting Six Pack Abs

If you’ve set the goal to get six pack abs, chances are pretty good that you’ve taken the time to formulate a proper diet and workout program.  You know very well that getting six pack abs is going to take a bit of work and if you don’t have some key elements in play, you’re going to be working at this for quite some time.

That said, is everyone always able to get six pack abs? Or, is this a goal that some people simply cannot achieve?

There are definitely some factors that could potentially stand in your way of getting six pack abs, so by learning what these are, you can decide for yourself whether they are at play for you.

Let’s have a quick look at what you need to know.

Factors Preventing You From Getting Six Pack Abs

The very first factor that could prevent you from getting six pack abs is your body type.  If you’re naturally an endomorph, chances are pretty good that this is going to be a pretty hard goal for you to obtain.

Your body naturally wants to store body fat and since getting six pack abs is going to take you reaching an all-time low body fat, you’ll have to work extra hard to see this happening.

Ectomorphs or mesomorphs on the other hand won’t have as much of a problem, so if that’s your type, it’s something to consider.


Factors Preventing You From Getting Six Pack AbsThe second factor that may prevent you from getting six pack abs is your gender.  If you’re a female, you’re already going to be at a disadvantage.  The primary reason for this is due to the fact that females do tend to have a larger amount of natural and essential fat, so getting very lean is going to be considerably harder for them.

You’ll have to workout hard, diet harder, and deal with all the consequences that come with a very low calorie diet.

While some females have no problem with this, the same cannot be said for others.


Factors Preventing You From Getting Six Pack AbsSpeaking of your diet, another thing that you will want to consider is what your diet personality is.  Are you someone who often finds yourself giving in to temptation? Do you often use food as a reward, either to comfort yourself or to ease your anxiety?

If so, once again, it’s going to be harder for you to see success.

Getting six pack abs is going to take dietary perfection and if you have any issues with food at this point, you’re already working against yourself.


Finally, consider your lifestyle.  Are you someone who enjoys routine? If so, you have a better chance of getting six pack abs.

This is not a goal you can just ‘wing’ as you go so unless you have a dedicated diet and workout plan that you follow without fail, chances are success won’t be yours.

Some people have a better lifestyle for achieving this while others can’t stand routines and anything to do with them.

So there you have the main things to note about barriers to getting six pack abs.  Are any of these currently standing in your way?

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