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October 7, 2009

Del Taco; Eating Healthy While Driving Thru NOT!!!


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October 10, 2009

Joel @ 7:00 am

Good Morning Sam;

I really enjoyed you visit to Del Taco. It was funny. Thanks God I have never been there. I was pretty sure you wouldn’t find anything healthy in that place. However, I was still hoping you to probe me wrong. Unfortunately, it did not happpen. I am Mexican, but I usually dont eat in those places because I dont want to get dissapointed. when I was living in Mexico, I heard a guy said that if you want taco bell you just need to add ketchup and mayo to a piece of cardboard.
Anyway, I tried your recommendation for Eathing healthy in taco bell and it is eatable. Thanks
I have a questions,About Del Taco, The chicken carbon taco. I noticed that it comes with a double tortilla.
Would there be any nutritional improvement by removing one tortilla and order 3 tacos instead of 2 in order to increase the portein and reduced the cals?

have good weekend!

Dr. Saman @ 8:10 am

You are so right. Yes if you remove one tortilla it will reduce the calories and also increase the protein to carbohydrate ratio. Great idea.

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