December 26, 2012

Creating The Optimal Post-Workout Protein Shake

You’ve just finished, what feels like, the hardest workout of your life. Now you’re exhausted and ready to rest.

Don’t think you’re done so fast though. There’s still one very important thing that you must be doing.  That thing?

Preparing a healthy protein shake.  It’s vital that you feed your body at this point in time because doing so will help to jump-start the repair and recovery process, making sure that you’re giving your body what it needs to get ready for the next coming workout session.

Let’s walk you through the main ingredients to have in place in your perfect post-workout protein shake.


The very first thing that you’ll need that forms the base of the protein shake is a high quality whey isolate protein powder.

This protein powder is designed to be digested as fast as possible, so the amino acids will get to the muscle cells in record time.

This protein powder should contain very few fat or carbs so will be almost 100% pure protein.


Next, you also want to get a simple sugar into the mix. This is going to help to spike blood glucose levels, which then causes insulin secretion to occur.

It’s this insulin that then moves the protein and glucose in to the muscle cells where they’re needed to jump start the recovery process.

Many people choose to use dextrose or maltodextrine as their simple carb, however any simple carb you prefer will work as well. Fruit or a sugary cereal crushed up will be perfect.


In addition to the simple carb, you also want to get a slower digesting carbohydrate source in place as well. This is going to help to keep your blood sugar level on a more even level so that you don’t experience a severe blood glucose drop shortly after consuming the shake.

The best option here will be ground oatmeal, as it’s a complex source of carbohydrate that will also provide some dietary fiber as well.


Finally, the last thing that you may want to consider adding to your shake is glutamine or creatine – or both.

These are two supplements that many people choose to take after a workout as they can jump start the repair and recovery process.

Glutamine is an amino acid that keeps your immune system strong, speeding up the recovery process that’s going to occur, while creatine will help to restore the high energy molecules that are required for producing muscle contractions as you go about the workout session.

Both of these can improve how you feel after a workout and better prepare you for the workouts ahead.

So there you have the main ingredients to get in place for the perfect post workout shake. Make sure you aren’t missing out on these.

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