December 11, 2011

Constructing A Trisetting Routine

If you’ve been working hard at your fitness plan for the last 3-4 months and are looking for something to kick things up a notch, one thing that you should definitely give some consideration to is a trisetting workout routine.

Trisetting is a fantastic way to help kick the intensity of your session up a notch while also helping to shorten up the amount of time that you have to spend in the gym as well.

Since on a triset routine you’ll be taking very little time for rest between each of your exercises, the down time in this workout is minimal.  This also is fantastic news for those who want a good metabolic boost from the session as well as you’ll have your metabolism fired up for hours after completing it.

This said, let’s have a look at the main things that you need to remember when constructing a triset routine.


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The very first thing that you must take note of when completing a triset routine is that you should be using both lower body as well as upper body exercises.

Those who try and perform three upper body exercise all in a row for instance will find that their rate of fatigue becomes almost too much to bear, while those who perform just two upper intermingled with one lower or vice versa will be able to maintain a much higher overall load level.

In addition to this, this ensures that you get a full body workout in as well, which is very important for moving your progress onwards.


Constructing A Trisetting Routine on, Chino Hills Boot Camp, Chino Hills Personal Trainer, Chino Hills Weight LossNext, you also want to aim to make sure that you have both compound and isolated exercises in your workout routine as well.

This will help to give you the most metabolic response for the session and target each and every muscle fiber in the body.  This also helps with managing the volume and intensity of the session as well.

If you were to use all compound exercises you would likely find that the workout would become a big too much to handle, while if you used all isolation exercises, you wouldn’t see the progress level that you should.

Having some compound and some isolation is an easy solution for this problem.


Finally, the last thing to note is that you must make sure you are never skipping the rest breaks you should be taking between triset exercises.  Do this and you’ll really be asking for some problems.

While you want to keep the rest periods between exercises within the triset minimal, you still want to maintain a good 45-60 seconds between each triset to allow for full recovery.

So next time you feel that you need a quick change with your workout routine, consider adding trisets into the mix.  You’ll definitely see your fitness level go up a notch with them added into place.

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